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Re: [FJGRailroad] Support Our Troops

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  • Dick Ryall
    Mark, you`re right on target. I agree all the way.dick ryall
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 24, 2003
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      Mark, you`re right on target. I agree all the way.dick ryall

      mwilber@... wrote:
      > I understand the feeling for the questions toward Saddam compare to the
      > rest of the world. But I believe very strongly that Saddam must be
      > removed from Iraq. This person has the capability of murdering millions
      > of people,and he will if he has the chance to.We should not give him the
      > opportunity to do so like Hitler did to the Jewish people. Saddams
      > priority would be to destroy Isreal. We must see that he cannot do so.
      > Also he would try to destroy the Kurds living north of the No Fly Zone
      > now protected by the US. This guy has practiced useing biological
      > chemicals on his own people ( Kurds).What kind of leader would do that?
      > When Iraq invaded Kuwait,many many reports came out about Iraq soldiers
      > tortuering hundreds of civilians,rapeing children, and not once Saddam
      > condemn this actions. When Saddam agreed to withdraw peacefully from
      > Kuwait,what happen?; his soldiers set fire to about every oil
      > refinery,in which took months and milions of dollars to stop.Again
      > Saddam never condemn those actions. We stopped Milosevic, lets stop
      > Saddam. I trully stand behind the President and support out troops and
      > pray that this can be solved.
      > I know this is off text,but I felt that I need to express my thoughts
      > . Thanks- Mark
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