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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Yes its time again for From the Archives that come as you please odd bit of railroad trivia that keeps them asking, Where d he get that . It occurs to me as
    Message 1 of 87 , Mar 1, 2003
      Yes its time again for "From the Archives" that come as you please odd bit
      of railroad trivia that keeps them asking, "Where'd he get that". It occurs
      to me as I look around the archives that although I am a railfan, I have
      managed to acquire a fair amount of trolley material. Heck I have even been
      known to stare at rolling cranes that operate on rails in the pavement!

      Once again I have elected to post this to both the D&H and Hudson River
      lists and added the FJ&G list because there will be something of interest
      for that list too! There must be some of you out there who have trolley
      memorabilia related to the D&H (Hudson Valley Lines) and the trolley lines
      in the lower Hudson Valley. The FJ&G list is full of trolley stuff because
      of that company's involvement in operating trolleys and interurbans. Perhaps
      this will prompt someone to penn a few lines.....excuse me we are in the
      21st century, bang a few keys about thier knowledge of the trolleys in thier

      Lets start off with the thing that prompted this all...I came into
      possession today of a uniform button...Yonkers RR CO. It is well worn with
      YONKERS in a semicircle on the top and R.R. CO. in a curve around the
      bottom. In the center is a Y with a c wrapped around the stem of the Y and
      two capital Rs on either side of the Y.

      So I started looking through the archives and discovered that I have a
      complete set of Public Service Railway buttons. So I began to look harder. I
      have two "Interurban/Trolley " lanterns, one from the Utica & Mohawk Valley
      Railway and the other from the Pacific Electric. Anybody got a lantern from
      another trolley/Interurban operation ? Both of mine are marked on the frame
      and the globe.

      So what other trolley memorabilia do I have? Well I set about looking (It
      has been over three hours since I started looking) and I turned up a
      Schenectady Railways Hudson Mohawk Valleys Trolley Trip booklet that also
      mentions the FJ&G. I also discovered a Schenectady Railways Troy Line
      schedule on a yellow 8 1/2 x 11 single sheet.

      I mentioned the FJ&G list. Hmmm lets look west, I have two Bamberger
      Electric Railroad timetables. A true interurban operating out ofSalt Lake
      City. Okay whats THAT got to do with Trolleys in the Hudson or Mohawk
      Valleys. Hah ! Gottcha.. FJ&G fans will tell you that the Brill Bullet cars
      were sold to the Bamberger when the FJ&G was downsizing. ( I can probably
      tie the railways of Japan to this list if I think about it long enough).

      I also have some timetables from the Pacific Electric and quite a few from
      the FJ&G.

      SOOOoooooo..... lets see what else we have in the archives..Lets see there
      are quite a few tokens: the Binghamton Railway Company, the International
      Railway in Buffalo, the Connecticut Company the Hudson Transportation
      Company, Lehigh valley Transit, Kingston City Transportation Company, United
      Traction (does anybody know where that is ?) Rochester Transit, Poughkeepsie
      & Wappingers Falls Railway Company
      NYSE&G Corp, FJ&G and of course NYCTA.

      Okay whats the point? I would like to stimulate a little dialog on each of
      these respective lists about the trolley companies in each respective area.
      For instance I have not seen much conversation on the Hudson River list
      about the trolleys....and can somebody tell me about the right of way
      through Nassau NY just outside of Albany. Was this part of the Hudson Valley
      lines ?

      Does anybody out there have anything from the Peekskill Trolley or of course
      my favorite, the Ossining Electric Railway Westchester Electric Railway
      Hudson River & Eastern Traction Company. And what about the New Paltz
      trolley ? There is a book on the topic that I recommend.

      Lets get some trolley discussion. Somebody must have a timetable from one of
      those lines.

      And now I am Complete


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    • joseph Klapkowski
      My kids said, Dad are you going to have a fire tonight? It is spring! Yes but it will be cold tonight I replied. And with that, while rummaging around the
      Message 87 of 87 , Mar 24, 2009
        My kids said, "Dad are you going to have a fire tonight? It is spring! Yes but it will be cold tonight" I replied.
        And with that, while rummaging around the archives, I found a copy of PC RAILROADER July-August 1975. On page 4 there is a photo of FJG 153998 with the following caption, "The Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville located off the Mohawk Division in Amsterdam, New York acquired 100 40' and 138 50' box cars from Penn Central. photo by the editor - Joe Klapkowski

        I know the caption is inaccurate. I did not write it.  This was way before the days of the internet and common information. To have a by- line back then at the ripe old age of 15 was, well, pretty cool.

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