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  • Gino & Kelly DiCarlo
    Hi guys, I ve been going through some of my newspaper articles and I thought I would post some to the group. These aren t as old as Glenn s Electric stories,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2003
      Hi guys,

      I've been going through some of my newspaper articles and I thought I would
      post some to the group. These aren't as old as Glenn's Electric stories,
      but they are good FJG history lessons. The first one is of the acquiring of
      the Penn Central box cars by the FJG in 1975...

      The Leader Herald, Friday April 25th. 1975

      238 box cars acquired by the FJ&G from Penn Central

      By DAVlD F.COLE

      Persons from Fulton County and the immediate area who are traveling
      around the country this summer and have to stop say somewhere In Kansas, and
      wait for a three or four mile long train to pass might very well see a touch
      of home pass by.

      That's right if a box car, with the FJ&G insignia happens to be among
      those cars, It Isn't an optical illusion or another railroad named the FJ&G.

      It Is the local Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad that is making
      In roads across America.

      The railroad recently acquired It's own fleet of boxcars from the Penn
      Central Railroad. Two hundred and thirty-eight In all, Not all of the cars
      have been delivered as yet, but Jerry Gibson, acting general manager of the
      FJ&G, said that he has already received a report of a box car with the FJ&G
      logo on Its side In Mexico.

      Gibson said that since the first FJ&G cars delivered were subsequently
      sent out with freight more than a month ago, he has received numerous
      Inquiries from railroad buffs around the country wondering where these cars
      with 'the strange insignia were coming from.

      This Is the first time In recent years that the FJ&.G has operated with
      Its own fleet of box cars. Gibson said that the cars were acquired by the
      FJ&G In an effort to provide better service for the shippers that the line

      Before the box cars arrived, shipments going out of the area had to be
      Shipped on cars ordered from the Penn Central. "This could take as much as
      three or four days," Gibson said. He added that with FJ&G box cars, "this
      is one problem that will be eliminated." "It will also be a money saver and
      money maker for the company," Gibson said.

      He explained that money would be saved by not having to rent cars from other
      lines, and in turn money could be made putting the FJ&G cars out for rent to
      other lines.

      All of the new cars are box cars, with no special equipment. One
      hundred are 40-feet In length and 138, 50-feet long. Gibson said that the
      box cars that have been received approximately 100, to date have all been In
      good shape. They still carry the "colors" of Penn Central green, but with
      the FJ&G insignia on the side.

      The cars were all reconditioned In 1969 by Penn Central and the local
      railroad has not had to do too much work on them. Gibson said that when
      the F J&G first considered getting its own box cars, they were thinking In
      terms of 150, but there were 238 available so they got them. Of the 100 that
      have been delivered to date, 40 are being stored on branch and spur lines In
      and around Gloversville and Johnstown. Others are either In use or being
      stored in Fonda.

      Another option for the use of the cars, Gibson said, could be loaning
      them to the other short line railroads owned by the parent Delaware-Otsego
      Corporation If the need arises. The Delaware-Otsego Corporation's other
      short lines are the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad and the
      Central New York Railroad Corporation. Gibson concluded that this is
      another step forward for the FJ&G. which two years ago was almost not in
      existence and shows the Delaware-Otsego Corporation's faith in the local
      area and it's future.
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