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One Hundred One Years (and One Day) Ago - 10/30/1901

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  • Glenn J. Williams
    From the Bob Bedford clipping file, several items: October 30, 1901 - POWER STATION CONTRACTS AWARDED - The contract for the equipment of the monster new
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      From the Bob Bedford clipping file, several items:

      October 30, 1901 - POWER STATION CONTRACTS AWARDED - The contract for
      the equipment of the monster new electric generating power station to
      be built by the FJ&G RR company at Tribes Hill was let last Friday.
      The three engines of 1500 HP each, together with pumps, etc., will be
      built by the Allis Chalmers Company, with head offices in Milwaukee.
      The contract for the boilers, ten in number, each having a diameter
      of 10 feet, 6 inches, with a total of about 5500 HP, together with
      the contracts for the water tower and hot wells, were awarded to the
      Springfield Boiler Company of Springfield, Illinois. The economizers
      will be furnished by the Cromwell-Schmidt Company of York,
      Pennsylvania, and all electrical equipment will be supplied by the
      General Electric Company.

      ANNUAL REPORT - The report of the FJ&G RR Company for the quarter
      ended on September 30 shows: gross earnings, $106,071; operating
      expenses, $74,009; net earnings, $42,062; other income, $22,010;
      fixed charges, $26,991; surplus $27,080.

      FRANCHISE PROBLEM - An adjourned hearing on the application of the
      Mountain Lake RR for a franchise over certain streets in Gloversville
      will be held at the Common Council Chambers this evening. As far as
      the application of the road for an entrance to the city is concerned,
      it is practically assured that the council will give permission to
      the company to build a line to the corner of West Fulton and School
      Streets. For the remainder of the route, there is likely to be some
      delay, as it would be hardly fair to the Ballston Terminal road to
      give the Mountain Lake company a franchise over the streets they
      desire and a hearing on which has been set down for November 18th.

      ROAD ACROSS SCHOOL LOT - The Amsterdam Street Railroad Company has
      scored another victory over its opponents, this time in Tribes Hill,
      where it has succeeded in obtaining the desired right-of-way across
      the school house premises, and today put to grade the route of the
      electric line across the property which has been the bone of
      contention for the past fortnight. The company purchased the
      necessary land from the school trustees. When the engineers ran the
      line for the road from the top of Tribes Hill toward Johnstown, the
      route was made directly straight for a mile and a half, after passing
      the Striker barn, thereby cutting across the rear corner of the
      school property.

      ON THE WATCH FOR THIEVES - The management of the FJ&G electric
      division is making a strong effort to find the thieves who robbed the
      company of a large amount of copper bond wires from the Fonda
      division of the line. The thief or thieves started on the track of
      the main line a short distance above the plank road [sic] crossing,
      and for a long distance, they cut off all the copper bond wires,
      leaving the rails unconnected and interfering to some extent with the
      transmission of power to the cars. Over 200 bond wires were taken
      from the main track and the turnouts and the value of the copper thus
      removed was about $40. The company is now rebonding the rails with
      new bonds, which are concealed under the fish plates instead of being
      in a conspicuous position. The men who took the wires must have had
      a sharp instrument as the wires were cut off in a neat manner and
      showed that the thieves understood the art of cutting hard materials.
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