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Re: LASB and 40' box cars

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  • mark_jacob2000
    ... Susquehanna ... Rode the excursion on the line last weekend, didn t see a single foreign-road revenue car on the line. The exCR boxcars you saw are the
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      --- In FJGRailroad@y..., "andrewsfusco" <fusco@b...> wrote:
      > Scheduled to officially shut down on 12/3/02, the freight operation
      > is
      > pretty much dead right now. The Lackawaxan junction (with
      > and N&S) yard is empty, the Hawley yard is empty, and there's not
      > much
      > in the Honesdale yards either.
      Rode the excursion on the line last weekend, didn't see a single
      foreign-road revenue car on the line. The exCR boxcars you saw are
      the SB's (Stourbridge RR). They have 50. About 10 in E. Honesdale, 3
      on the DSFI siding in Honesdale (probably rented to DSFI for
      storage), and 37 cars in the yard at Hawley. Guessing from your post
      that you only checked out the Hawley team track, where Gumble Bros.
      lumber receives an occaisional load. The yard is in the woods just
      east of Hawley. They used to have a reasonable freight business, but
      through the 80s and 90s most of the small shippers died off, a few
      swicthed to truck, and that left Gumble Bros. and DSFI (inbound
      paper) as the only shippers. Then in the whole joke of the CR split,
      DSFI apparently had some really bad experiences and no longer ships
      by rail. Hence the freight service on the line adds up to maybe a
      couple of cars a month.

      Roads flank most of the 25-miles or so
      > of trackage from Lackawaxan to Honesdale,
      I'm not sure I'd agree with this, there are actually some pretty long
      stretches where the road and tracks are well out of sight from one
      another. Due to geography, these stretches are probably much longer
      on the RR than the road though, giving the impression you didn't miss

      > has a cut of about 10 old box cars. All of them are ex-Conrail,
      > except
      > one---of great interest here---the ex-PC green #138000 (the very
      > first
      > of the 138000 series). It isn't lettered for either the LASB or
      > FJG or any other road either, but the number #138000 is quite

      Is this a green 40 footer? Where did you find it? There is a PC green
      50 footexterior-post acr just like the brown ones on the low siding
      at E. Honesdale, but no 40's that I'm aware of here.

      I'm surprised you didn't comment on the 2 40 ft and 1 50ft blue LASB
      boxcars at the SJ BAiley factory in E. Honesdale (about a half mile
      east of the enginehouse). The 40s are 127002 and 126341, not sure
      about the 50' car's number.

      Mark, as far as trying to figure out which ones were LASB
      > by subtracting the known FJG ones from the known total, I don't know
      > if
      > that's possible. First, if you look at the federally filed rosters
      > of
      > the FJG and LASB from l979 (which were posted here last year in the
      > files section), many of the same 40' ex-PC box cars are claimed as
      > being on the roster of both railroads simultaneously, which tells
      > they might have switched back and forth.
      Yes, this is problematic. About all we can say is that it is safe to
      say that by the mid 80s LASB had 220 boxcars. All but 50 9000-series
      cars were ex PC, and all the PC's except the 127000s came from the
      FJ&G. Breaking it down prior to the shutdown of the FJ&G is proabbly
      not possible.

      Second, I would dare say
      > that
      > at least a few of the ex-PC 40 footers were stencilled for the

      I'm not sure on this, I suspect you may be thinking of the Swift 40'
      cars, some of which were painted blue w/yellow lettering for CACV.
      > There may be one of those, I believe, in Verkelier's junkyard in
      > Mayfield and possibly another one in Cooperstown Junction,
      The one I am aware of at Cooperstown Jct. is a Swift.

      Plus, it wouldn't surprise me is some were stencilled for
      > the
      > CNY, too.
      I can't verify, but I would be very surprised, I have never seen any
      evidence that CNYK had any freight cars of it's own. Anyone with
      evidence otherwise, please speak up!

      Another item I'm surprised you didn't comment on was the wood
      snowplow near the end of the line in Honesdale. Curerently owned by
      the Wayne County Historical Society, it is the old LASB 200 plow.

      Now, back to those 9000-9049 series LASB cars I mentioned above.
      According to dimensions given in the ORER these appear to be "modern"
      exterior-post (Railbox-type) boxcars. Anybody ever see one? Any ideas
      what these cars are? They are not the 50 cars that are now on the
      Stourbridge because these are 800-series, simply the last 3 digits of
      their old 6-digit CR numbers. Anybody have any ideas or info on
      these? They arrived on the LASB in the early 80s.

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