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Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: August Get Together

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  • Dick Ryall
    Come on Paulsley, no sad stories allowed......
    Message 1 of 130 , Sep 30, 2002
      Come on Paulsley, no sad stories allowed......

      > "Dean R. Pausley" wrote:
      > I hope the next scheduled get together falls on a free date next
      > year. Then I can add another 221 pounds to the group picture. My
      > Saturn will look out of place next to the Lincolns and Mustangs....but
      > I won't.
      > Remember, every tool deserves a tool shed over it.
      > Best regards,
      > Dean Pausley office in Johnstown
      > home in Brunswick
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    • Dicarlo, Gino
      Joe, I ve been meaning to thank you for that comment! It all started with me wanting to share my FJ&G collection with people. I thought the web was a great
      Message 130 of 130 , Jun 24 7:24 AM

        I've been meaning to thank you for that comment! It all started
        with me wanting to share my FJ&G collection with people. I thought
        the web was a great spot, and look. I found that there are more
        FJ&G fans out there than myself! I've also met some great people!
        I'm so glad I decided to post my FJ&G pictures 7 years ago!

        For those of you on the fence about attending this August's get-together,
        DO IT!!! We have a great time. This is a GREAT bunch of people in
        this group and when you meet people like Steve Lamora, Paul Larner,
        Walt Danylak, Glenn Williams, Mark Wilber, Malcolm Horton, Dick Finn,
        Jerry Snyder and club member Dave Refue, you come away with a great feeling!!!
        Take the time and join us this year. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!!
        If you are, Paul Larner will reimburse your travel expenses!!!!

        But seriously folks, do attend. You won't regret it! I look forward
        to our get together all year! I hate the wait, but it's more that worth
        it when the time comes...

        Gino DiCarlo

        p.s. I haven't heard from Uncle Leo!!!

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        I think we really have to give a hats off to Gino for that!

        >From: Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>
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        >Hi Glenn,
        >I truly think you are right, for such a small line it is very well
        >documented and photographed. When I first got on the internet five
        >years ago I looked around for some of my favorite railroads, the CV,
        >LVRC, VTR, and the FJ&G. After hitting dead ends for the first three I
        >was shocked to find Gino's FJ&G site with loads of photos and
        >information. I couldn't find a single shot of the LVRC and not much
        >more on what I would have thought to be more common roads like the CV
        >and VTR.
        >Paul :-)
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