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Re: Snowplow

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  • andrewsfusco
    I had to go through Utica yesterday and decided to go check out the snowplow fire which Mark Wilber reported about here earlier this week. I am sorry to say
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 31, 2002
      I had to go through Utica yesterday and decided to go check out the
      snowplow fire which Mark Wilber reported about here earlier this
      I am sorry to say that the thing has been reduced to a burned out
      shell and is likely destined for the scrapper,

      Incidentally, we are talking about FJG 202, the yellow and black plow
      that we saw being pushed by #103 in Paul's movies at the library get-
      together earlier this month. The plow is steel, but the interior was
      entirely finished off in wood. Gino, this is the same unit you
      photographed three years ago and you can attest from that inspection
      that up until this fire it was still in pretty good shape. Now its
      just a hulk.

      I wrote to Walter Rich about five years ago asking whether he'd
      consider donating the thing for static display in Gloversville. One
      of his people wrote back, saying no can do because the plow was still
      on the NYS&W's active roster. It hadn't been used as a plow for over
      a decade, but was constantly "used" as a parts vehicle for another
      plow that the Susie Q has in Utica which is almost identical.

      Anyways, it still sits near the Route 12 overpass (not far from the
      Utica Club Brewery) in the furthest westerly end of the NYS&W yard,
      surrounded on three sides by woods and on the fourth by the Route 12
      elevated roadway. It was this remote setting that likely contributed
      to its demise. Not only could the vandels have set it ablaze without
      detection, but it isn't even easily reached by firefighting
      My guess is that it burned and burned until it burned itself out.

      Because its a steel plow, the exterior is still looks sound and could
      still be cosmetically repainted for static display. The interior,
      including the walls and floors that made up the crew room and
      operator's cab, are toast.

      Other than those ex-PC box cars, I only know of two pieces of rolling
      stock still left in FJG reporting marks---this plow and the uncovered
      ballast hopper in Utica. To have lost one of these units is, in my
      opinion, a real bummer. ---Andy Fusco

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      > wrote:
      > The only wooden plow I can think of was an ex B&M plow acquired in
      > the late 1970s. I recall it was delivered to the FJ&G in B&M dress
      > and as painted over efter it arrived. It was later moved to Utica
      > under rule 99 which means it was being moved to be dismantled.
      > However t never was. I do not know if NYSW ever used it either.
      > This snowplow was steel not wood. The last FJ&G wood snowplow was
      > burned in 1960-61. For nearly 20 years, the FJ&G did not own a
      > snowplow. They only had the ex-D&H flanger. In the late 60's they
      > build or buy snowplow blades for 20 & 21. The NYS&W purchased the
      > snowplow in the late 70's. It was used. We (FJ&GRR Club) have video
      > showing it being used in both (B&M & FJ&G) paint schemes.
      > Walt
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