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Revised 1901 to 1958 Johnstown, Gloversville Diner list

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  • cornwallace55
    plus Amsterdam 1929-1973 Finally, there is a cool advertisement for the FJ&G bus line in the 1955 (pg 114) Amsterdam city directory. ... I just wanted to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2002
      plus Amsterdam 1929-1973
      Finally, there is a cool advertisement for the FJ&G bus line in the
      1955 (pg 114) Amsterdam city directory.

      I just wanted to update everyone and get some feedback on my research
      (from the city directories) for the diners and lunch wagons in the
      gloversville and johnstown area. I only have finished from 1901 to
      1958. So I will have more info in the future

      There were night lunch wagons run by Jat W. Houck and John Putnam(out
      by 1912) from 1909 to 1917. Raymond Gage took over the business.
      not sure if just used the kitchen and restaurant attached at 19 1/2
      S. Perry, in the back. The lunch "carts" were located at the corner
      of William & Main and Perry & Main.
      Previously the "night lunch" was run by Albert Converse from 1903 to

      3 N Perry night lunch wagon owned by Harry & Norman Avery 1921-24

      11 S. Perry
      Van Antwerp Lunch (William) 1922
      Charles Stoddart 1924
      Clifford's Deluxe Diner (the Deluxe added in 1934) Guy and Westel J
      Clifford 1925-1943
      Deluxe Diner Daniel A. Warren 1944-1958-

      28 E. Main
      Johnstown Diner Anthony T. & Margaret Scriven 1930-37
      Johnstown Diner Dorothy Oare & Ralph Brazile 1938 - 1941
      Johnstown Diner Roy & Dorothy Oare 1942-1946
      Miss Johnstown Diner Charles L. Burnett 1948 (no 47 directory)
      Miss Johnstown Diner Roy Oare 1950-1958 (no 49 directory)

      My query here is that the article on the wall of the miss johnstown
      says it is 74 years old(2000 article) of course, the article says
      the diner is a trolley car when it isn't.

      Gloversville (below)
      68 1/2 S. Main or 72 1/2 S. Main
      Leslie's lunch Leslie Comar 1917-22 (Mr Decker has a picture of this
      in the Gloversville picture book)

      4 Vine
      Leslie's Lunch Leslie Comar 1924-1934 (no 33 directory)
      Lee's Lunch Lee O Breeding 1935-37 & 1939-1946
      Claude A Warren 1938
      Paul & Dom's Diner Paul Voudry & Dominic Sarro 1948
      Lee's Diner Leo Breeding 1950
      Lou's Diner Louis Dambrosi 1951

      32 W. Fulton
      John Waldroff 1916
      Albert Main & Eugene Thompson 1917
      Dairy Lunch Albert C. Main 1918-1924 (The american diner museum has
      a picture of this, it was next to, or in front of the Salvation Army)
      Dairy Lunch Albert A Fox 1925-1929

      60 S. Main
      Palace Diner Albert C. Main 1924-1936
      Palace Diner Charlton G. Clute 1937-1958-

      11 1/2 Middle [can someone verify this?]
      Ralph's Diner Ralph Webber 1931-1932

      141 N. Main
      NY State Dining Car Co. Jeans & Saltsman 1928
      Club Diner Nina K. Jeans 1929-1933
      Club Diner Arnold W Bushhouse 1934-1944
      Club Diner Dominic J. Izzo and George R Vermilyea(out in 53) 1946-

      41 1/2 S. Main found a pic in a directory
      John Conover 1904 (previously [1903] at 17 church)
      M.J. Hollenbeck 1905-1909
      Queensborough Lunch or Charlie's Lunch or The Queen's Lunch Parlor
      Charlie W. Morenus 1910-1917
      Queensborough Lunch Marcus K Lawrence 1918-1924
      Queensborough Lunch Charles S and Walter H Stottart 1925-1928(see
      johnstown list for Stottart)
      Queensborough Lunch George Main 1929-1932
      Ralph's Diner Ralph Webber 1933-1942
      Harris Lunch Guy Harris 1943
      B&L Diner George A and Elizabeth Buchanan & Robert H. Lee(out in 46)

      48 W. Fulton
      Miss Gloversville Diner George H. & Nellie Main 1933-1938

      21 N. Arlington
      Miss Gloversville Diner George H. & Nellie Main 1939-1942

      164 N. Main
      Main's Miss Gloversville Diner George H. & Nellie Main 1943-1953
      Golden Rooster Restr in next directory 1955

      4 Washington
      John M. Cole 1917
      Millie's Diner Harry E. Whitehouse 1928
      Fred's Diner Fred Schelhaas 1929-1937
      Don's Diner Donald M. Stewart 1938-1957

      42 N. Main
      night lunch Myron W Shufelt pre 1901 to 1908
      Nick's Quick Lunch Wagon Lewis C. Nickloy 1909
      Mike's Lunch Wagon M.J. Hollenbeck 1910-1914
      moved to 99 S. Main until 1918

      Amsterdam 1929 to 1973

      108 E. Main
      My-ty-fine Diner Charles T. Pickering 1929-1934

      212 E. Main
      DiCaprio's Diner Anthony(1929-1950), Frank(1953-1971) became
      Catering business

      381 W. Main
      Harvey's Diner between 1937 and 1945 to 1971 many owners
      Harvey, Wilcox, Mazzano, Storey, Perry, Betinger, Dopp

      367 E. Main (can someone verify this one)
      Carpet City Diner 1946 to around 1970 many owners
      Sirocky & DeSisto, DeSeslo & Lesko, Desisto, Edward Altieri

      2 Chuctanunda (this one still there, not a true diner)
      originally the Maxwell House Diner, then Raywood, both owned by John
      J. Compani, then Tullio's in 1973

      212 E. Main (not sure if this is a true diner, or an onsite, found
      pics in city directory)
      Carmels Diner Carmel & Concetta Sicilian to 1959 then
      Veto A. and Nancy Greco


      Please, any comments anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. I
      hae the two specific questions about two of the diners in
      Gloversville, but if you remember any of the others, please let me

      mike Engle
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