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RR Commissioners Inspection - 1893

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  • fjg1870
    At last an inspection with a little more detail. Walt RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS INSPECTION This road is a single track, about 20 miles long, and from Fonda,
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      At last an inspection with a little more detail. Walt


      This road is a single track, about 20 miles long, and from Fonda,
      where connection is made with the NYC&HRRR, to Northville. The
      roadbed is in fair condition, much of it well ballasted with gravel
      and cinders. Spaces upon north end were noted slack in ballast, under
      track, though shoulders are well filled. The rail is in good
      alignment, considering the traffic and recent change in ownership.
      May 24th last this road was purchased by three local gentlemen, from
      the NYC&HRRR Co. The fences are well maintained generally, though not
      a few places for short distances were found with fence broken and
      down; repairs and renewals should be made. The sleepers, as a rule,
      are very good, still occasional decayed ones were noted. They are
      mostly cedar. The latest renewals are of pine. Five miles of 70 lb.
      steel rail is on hand to place; four miles of it is already in. There
      is now only 8 miles of old iron rail upon road, and this is being
      gradually taken out. Switches are, with one exception, of the split-
      point pattern. The only stub switch is to be replaced immediately
      with point. Double written train orders are now in vogue, but
      formerly was by verbal order. Recently, the entire equipment has been
      furnished with air brakes, except two small coaches. Until the old
      rail is replaced with new, many of them could be cut to good
      advantage and avoid badly worn and broken sides at ends. Considerable
      ballasting and surfacing was noted as being done this year. The
      warning signs are, in a few instances, in need of painting and
      repairs. Ditches in wet cuts were noted as needing deepening and
      cleaning as were some in places now dry. Trees and brush, north of
      Sammonsville, seem too close to track, and should be removed. The
      ordinary force of trackmen is 26; have on 29 now. One new engine has
      lately been purchased, weighing 102,000 pounds, and with tender
      filled makes a total of 82 tons. The old ones weigh 100,000 pounds.
      The motive power now consists of 7 large engines and 1 small elevated-
      road engine. The telegraph line is to be renewed and greatly improved
      upon whole line. Many of them were noted upon north end not in the
      best position for solidity and wear; where suspended the angle plates
      do not fairly cover or rest full upon two sleepers, as they should.
      This should be given attention without delay. There are 17 T-rail
      girder and trussed bridges ranging from 5' to 20'. Some 28 cattle
      guards, with T-rail stringers, all in good form and condition. Two
      pile bridges, one of 7 and the other of 3 bays; one deck-plate-
      girder, five spans of wooden stringer bridging upon "crib-piers", one
      deck-lattice-girder of 120' span, one trapezoidal-lattice bridge in
      the Fonda yard. The deck-lattice girder bridge over the Cayadutta
      Creek remains in the same condition previously reported in 1891, and
      an effort should be made at once to relieve the ends of girders and
      place them in proper bearing position. Parapet walls should be relaid
      free from ironwork and bridge seats made solid where ends rest;
      evidently no provisions exist to allow for expansion and contraction
      of metal. The deck-plate girder in Village of Johnstown is 50' span,
      all in good form, except cleaning bridge seats, renewal of guard-
      timbers heavier and firmly bolted. The T-rail truss bridges are
      strong, but attention should be given to placing heavier guard-
      timbers; also, narrowing the space between floor ties. Quite a little
      of the stonework needs relaying and pointing. A few minor openings
      were noted with too little depth of girder for span. These should be
      strengthened without delay. Should derailment occur upon many of the
      minor structures, the great space between ties and lack of proper
      guard-timbers would not materially assist in avoiding bad results.
      Considerable new flooring timbers are needed upon the structures. The
      stringer bridge over a branch of the Sacandaga River, consisting of 5
      spans, with piers of wooden cribbing, should be at once modified by
      building stone piers and iron girders. This is promised soon and
      should not be delayed. Some of the cribbing is now in bad form and
      condition. The pile bridges should be given a very close inspection,
      and ample renewals should be made at once. Caps, piles and stringers
      were noted in not good condition. Flooring should be closer, and
      heavier guard-timbers placed and bolted often. There is no water in
      barrels, and should be. The trapezoidal riveted iron bridge at Fonda
      is out of alignment, and twisted considerably, and extends too far
      upon one abutment and not far enough upon the other. Reference is
      made to Bridge Strain Report of 1891, page 554: "The most serious
      defects in the structure are the entire lack of counter bracing and
      the position of tension rod No. 1, which is so situated that the load
      at its foot is entirely borne by the bending resistance of the lower
      chord and end post." The new engine, recently obtained, was supposed
      to weigh considerable more than those in use. The officials, however,
      inform your inspector that a misunderstanding of the exact weight
      caused the inquiry about strength of bridge. It is suggested,
      notwithstanding its nearness to station and the low rate of speed,
      that a new and properly constructed iron bridge be erected at this
      point, and that the two spans of short pile bridging at the west end
      of iron bridge be either removed, and the space filled, and retaining
      wing walls constructed, or, if the space is needed for waterway in
      time of flood, that a stone abutment be erected and a deck-plate
      girder be placed. One of the piles overhangs now, and the timber is
      not in good condition; delay at this point may cause serious harm.
      The passenger stations were found in good state of maintenance.
      Mayfield station was erected new last year, is frame, and has modern
      accommodations, and is kept neat and clean.
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