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RR Commissioners Inspection - 1889

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    Since I plan to be busy tomorrow, I ll post next RR Commissioners Inspection tonight. Walt RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS INSPECTION - 1889 The last inspection of this
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      Since I plan to be busy tomorrow, I'll post next RR Commissioners
      Inspection tonight. Walt

      The last inspection of this property was in 1887. During the past two
      years the improvements in permanent way and station buildings has
      been continued. The rail is in good condition. About one mile of
      additional steel has been laid, leaving about twelve and a half miles
      of iron rail in the superstructure at the northerly end, where the
      train service is least. A number of the slopes of cuttings have
      slid down, filling the side ditches, which had not been reopened at
      time of inspection. The roadway is neatly kept, and fences well
      maintained. A number of miles of new five-strand wire fence, with a
      board at top of posts have been built. The sleepers are mostly in
      strong life, and sufficient renewals have been made for this season.
      Considerable reballasting has been done, particularly on the
      northern end. The adjustment of track south of Gloversville is only
      fair. North of Gloversville it is more workmanlike. Each of the truss-
      bridges and small openings in road-bed were examined. A new lattice
      bridge has been erected over a stream, near Fonda, where was a Queen
      truss. A recent freshet washed away the north abutment. A pier has
      been built in its place and a new abutment erected further north,
      giving additional waterway. An I beam deck-girder spans this
      addition. Over the same stream is a 100' span deck lattice in good
      order. The bridge seats, which were broken, have been temporarily
      secured. North of Johnstown is an opening of 40', spanned by a
      temporary trestle. One abutment was undermined and plate-girder
      washed 100' down stream. A new abutment is being built and the
      plate-girder will be replaced. A trestle of three bays, in poor
      condition, is to be filled, after providing for drainage. Stone are
      at hand for abutments, and opening will be spanned with a plate-
      girder. Another similar trestle is in good condition. Two seperate
      openings have I beam girders. North of Mayfield is a trestle of three
      bays, newly rebuilt. Two openings, one of 22' and one of 24' have
      truss-girders made of iron railroad bars. There are four bays of
      waterway, of 16' span, on crib abutments and piers. They have yellow
      pine stringers and hemlock bents, all in strong life. The remaining
      openings, 10 in number, from 6 to 12' wide, have girders made of T
      rails. All of these have good masonry abutments, and each opening has
      a strong floor. At Johnstown and Gloversville new brick depots of
      fine design and construction have been erected. They are each 150
      feet long and about 35 feet wide. They have a covered platform 225
      feet long in front and a neat carriage canopy in the rear. The entire
      interior is finished in native woods, highly polished. Steam-heating,
      waterclosets, lavatory and private rooms for ladies are all provided.
      The other stations are as before reported, and all are neatly kept
      and in good repair.
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