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One Hundred Nine Years (and Just Over Two Weeks) Ago

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  • glenn_j_williams
    From the Bob Bedford clipping file, now that my broadband access is back: July 15, 1893 - The proposed railway from Fort Johnson to Johnstown and Gloversville
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
      From the Bob Bedford clipping file, now that my broadband access is

      July 15, 1893 - The proposed railway from Fort Johnson to Johnstown
      and Gloversville is almost a sure thing. At first, it was intended
      to extend the local street railway, but owing to the numerous legal
      difficulties, a separate company is now being formed. It includes
      many of those interested in the Amsterdam Street Railway Company and
      a number of Gloversville and Johnstown capitalists, among the most
      interested and active being Lawrence Caten. The road will be
      constructed for heavy freight as well as passenger traffic and will
      be used as a steam as well as an electric road. The steam cars will
      be used in conveying the freight while electricity will probably be
      used exclusively for passenger cars. Although the road will be
      operated under the name of another company, it will be connected with
      the Amsterdam Street Railway line. It is expected that a route
      northwesterly from Fort Johnson through what is known as the Vlaie
      will be used.

      July 18, 1893 - The trestle work of the Cayadutta road, near
      Cumming's and Burr's mill, is nearly completed.

      July 19, 1893 - THE SPEED OF ELECTRIC CARS - The special committee of
      the Common Council of Gloversville having under consideration the
      speed of electric cars reported on Monday night. The report provided
      that the rate of speed permitted be fixed at 8 miles per hour on Main
      Street from Green Avenue to the RR crossing on South Main Street, the
      same rate on Fulton from Cayadutta to High, four miles per hour at
      street crossings and the rate of 12 miles per hour within the city
      limits beyond the points above designated. The modifications asked
      for by the Cayadutta people were that the limit on Main Street be
      reduced to the territory between First Avenue and Burr Street, on
      Fulton Street from Fremont to Cayadutta and that the clause relative
      to speed at crossings be striken out.

      July 20, 1893 - A portion of the electric machinery on the 12:15 PM
      car for Fonda on the Cayadutta road became deranged on North Market
      Street today. After futile efforts by the parties in charge to
      repair same, the passengers were compelled to abandon the car and it
      was towed back to Gloversville.

      July 21, 1893 - The trestle on the Cayadutta Electric road near
      Cumming's and Burr's mill is nearly completed and it is expected that
      the curve will be laid and the lines connected within ten days.

      A number of men are engaged at the electric carhouse, Gloversville,
      in fitting up new cars and also putting the Westinghouse motors in
      the old cars in place of the Thomson-Houston motors which have been
      used heretofore.

      July 26, 1893 - The street railroad curve at the corner of West Main
      and William Streets had been completed and the asphalting would have
      been finished today if the rain had not interfered. The electric car
      may be expected to invade our principal thoroughfare with a few days.
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