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RR Commissioners Inspection - 1885

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  • fjg1870
    The next installment of the inspection reports. Walt RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS INSPECTION Considerable improvement has been made in the condition of this property
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      The next installment of the inspection reports.



      Considerable improvement has been made in the condition of this
      property since the inspection of 1883. Steel rails are now laid over
      one-third of the road, and the iron rail remaining is in reasonably
      good condition. Seven short spans of iron girders and trusses made of
      old rails, supported on masonry abutments, and two 12' span arch
      culverts have been constructed within the past year. All the
      truss-bridges and short openings were carefully examined. The A truss
      at Fonda, resting on bents, was found in good, strong life of timber.
      The next structure is a riveted lattice, 100' span, over Cayadutta
      Creek. The bearing of trusses at bridge seats should receive
      attention, as the coping is broken and crushing, the masonry
      underneath shaken, and the bearings of trusses are not all at the
      foot of first braces and end posts, but extend along the lower chord
      in a manner that will soon weaken the truss; it is not as yet
      dangerous, but liable to become so. The floor of this bridge also
      needs some renewals, and the trusses have not been reinforced as
      advised by the Commission. A careful examination revealed no loose
      rivets. The structure is located on a heavy grade, and frequently
      engines coupled together pass over it. The other bridges are short
      spans of plate girders and trusses made of old iron rails, as noted
      in last report. There are a number of pile and trestle bridges, some
      of which are in good condition, and have good floors, others have too
      old and partly decayed stringers. The attention of the superintendent
      was called to these defects and repairs have been made. Most of the
      cattle-guards and some of the other small openings have no flooring,
      the rails being spiked to stringers, a serious defect in the event of
      a derailment, and inexpensive to obviate. The ties are generally
      in good life, and the surface and line of the superstructure in fair
      condition, and portions of the track are very workmanlike. The
      fencing is not all as well maintained as desired. Where renewals have
      been made, wire fence has been built. Considerable more new fencing
      will be neccessary the coming season. The roadway was found neatly
      kept, and the cutting of weeds and underbrush in progress. The stub
      switch is still in use. All highway signs were in place. There are no
      overhead obstructions. The depot buildings and waiting-rooms at
      Johnstown and Gloversville are more tidy and in better condition than
      found in 1883. Mayfield, Cranberry Creek and Northville have good,
      well furnished and neatly kept station buildings. The repair shops of
      the company are located at Gloversville, and some improvements in
      them is noticeable; a building for storing cars has been erected, the
      freighthouse moved to a more convenient location, and a new, well
      arranged general freight office added. The passenger equipment and
      motive power were examined as far as possible and found in better
      condition than when last inspected. The Jauney coupler and Eames'
      vacuum brake have lately been attached to passenger equipment.

      The following letter has been received from Mr. Caten, superintendent
      of the road:

      T.W. Spencer, Esq., Inspector: August 18, 1885

      Dear Sir - Since you were over our line I have added a new stringer
      (making three on each side) to the bridge at Mayfield, across
      Mayfield Creek or Pond, and put a new 6x14 on the crossing between
      Johnstown and Gloversville. I have also ready to put on the bridge
      (the iron bridge near Fonda) some new ties and some guard rail
      stringers to bolt on to the out end of the ties. I have also some
      guard rail to bolt on to the out end of some ties which I have also
      ready to put on those small openings east and beyond Kingsboro. These
      timbers will be put on in very few days.
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