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FW: Weekly Rail recap for the Week Ending Saturday, February 16, 2002

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  • Gino & Kelly DiCarlo
    Hi guys, Malcolm introduced me to this great Railroad newsletter. It has all the major railroad news for the week! I think some of you guys will enjoy this!
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
      FW: Weekly Rail recap for the Week Ending Saturday, February 16, 2002 Hi guys,

      Malcolm introduced me to this great Railroad newsletter.  It has all the
      major railroad news for the week!  I think some of you guys will enjoy

      From: "Timothy Truscott" <empirestate@...>
      Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:30:24 -0500
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      Subject: Weekly Rail recap for the Week Ending Saturday, February 16, 2002

      For the week ending SAT, February 16, 2002
      By Dave Mears

      (NOTE: The expression "ffd" at the end of a news item means "for further details" and usually represents what I believe to be the most helpful news resource if a reader wants more information on a particular item.)

      THE WEEK'S TOP NEWS (in chronological order):

      (MON) U.S. Senator Ernest Hollings (D.-SC.) announced his opposition to the breakup of Amtrak, as proposed to Congress by the Amtrak Reform Council.  
      Referring to ARC's report proposing that Amtrak be split into 3 organizations, Sen. Hollings commented, "I don't know why they divided it up like that.  You've got to have one reliable system that's funded."  Sen. Hollings chairs the Senate Commerce Committee, which will first consider Amtrak reauthorization legislation for the Senate. (ffd: wire services)

      (MON) An Illinois jury awarded damages totaling $55.7 million against Canadian National/Illinois Central related to a January, 2001 crossing crash near Bloomington, IN. that left 3 vehicle occupants brain damaged.  The jury
      found that a CN/IC dispatcher had erroneously lifted a stop and flag order in place due to malfunctioning warning devices at the crossing, which resulted in a train proceeding through the crossing at track speed and striking the vehicle.  A spokesman for CN/IC said that they would appeal the verdict. (ffd: Chicago Tribune)

      (MON) Amtrak announced that it would operate a special passenger train February 24 between Raleigh, NC. and the Subway 400 NASCAR race in
      Rockingham, NC.  The special continues joint promotional efforts of Amtrak and NASCAR, which last year included special trains to NASCAR races at the
      Dover, DE. raceway. (ffd: Amtrak)

      (TUE) Canadian Pacific announced that it had purchased rights to copy Norfolk Southern's Thoroughbred Yard Enterprise System (TYES) and install it at their yards and terminals.  A CP spokesman said that it had also engaged the services of DMR Consulting Corporation to assist in adapting and implementing NS's software on CP. (ffd: DMR Corp.)

      (WED) The House Transportation Subcommittee on Railroads convened hearings on Amtrak's future.  Political analysts assessed the subcommittee as skeptical of the Amtrak Reform Council's report.  "We expect Amtrak to operate where the country needs it, yet any profit-oriented business would refuse money-losing routes," commented Subcommittee Chairman Jack Quinn (R-NY.)  (ffd: wire services)

      (FRI) Locomotive remote control system manufacturer Cattron-Theimeg filed a countersuit against competing LRC manufacturer CANAC disputing CANAC's
      earlier suit against Cattron alleging copyright infringement.  CANAC's earlier suit alleged that Cattron infringed upon 2 CANAC patents related to their LRC system's speed controls.  CSX has ordered 100 of Cattron's LRC
      devices and Kansas City Southern has ordered 50 of CANAC's LRC devices, which KCS began testing February 4. (ffd: wire services)

      (FRI) The Kansas City Terminal Railway and Burlington Northern Santa Fe said that they would construct a second flyover bridge at Santa Fe Junction in Kansas City, MO.  The new flyover, designated the Argentine Connection, will complement the nearby Sheffield Flyover, which KCT and BNSF opened in July,
      2000.  Officials of the company said that approximately 80 trains daily pass through the junction and referred to it as the most significant remaining rail freight chokepoint in Kansas City. (ffd: KCT Corp., BNSF Corp.)

      (FRI) Acting Amtrak Chairman Michael Dukakis called for a dramatic increase in federal funding for U.S. rail passenger projects.  "People are going nuts on our highways and at our airports," Mr. Dukakis said.  Making his comments in Berkeley, CA., Mr. Dukakis championed California Governor Gray Davis's recent announcement of support for new high-speed rail initiatives in the state. (ffd: Daily Californian)

      (FRI) The U.S. Surface Transportation Board directed that the Riverview Trenton Railroad provide substantial additional information related to its proposal to build and operate a new intermodal rail facility in Detroit, MI.  
      RTR had earlier applied for a class exemption circumventing certain regional approval processes for the proposed facility, an exemption the STB said was not appropriate in this case. (ffd: STB)

      (SAT) San Francisco, CA.'s Bay Area Rapid Transit subway system activated the third rail on its new 9 mile extension to San Francisco International Airport.  A BART spokesman said that construction of the extension is 95 percent complete and expected to open it to revenue service by this fall. (ffd: wire services)


      For the week ending February 9, U.S. carload rail traffic was down 3.6 percent from the comparable week last year, down 7.0 percent in the East and down 0.7 percent in the West.  This week this year versus this week last
      year, notable traffic increases included non-grain farm products up 28.1 percent, lumber and wood products up 7.8 percent and motor vehicles and equipment up 6.5 percent; notable traffic decreases included metallic ores
      down 28.6 percent, coke down 22.6 percent and primary forest products down 18.8 percent.  Also for the week ending February 9, U.S. intermodal rail traffic was down 0.1 percent, Canadian carload rail traffic was down 5.2
      percent, Canadian intermodal rail traffic was down 1.9 percent, Mexico's Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana's carload rail traffic was down 25.3 percent, and TFM's intermodal rail traffic was down 32.5 percent, all when
      ranked with the comparable week last year.

      For the period January 1 through February 9, U.S. carload rail traffic was down 3.2 percent, U.S. intermodal rail traffic was down 3.4 percent, Canadian carload rail traffic was down 7.0 percent, Canadian carload rail traffic was down 3.2 percent, TFM's carload rail traffic was down 3.5 percent and TFM's intermodal rail traffic was down 3.7 percent, all when ranked with the comparable week last year. (ffd: AAR)


      (MON) CSX filed to abandon approximately 11 miles of line between Cowen, WV. And Bolair, WV. (ffd: STB)

      (FRI) R.J. Corman Enterprises filed to acquire, from CSX, approximately 36 miles of CSX's Dawkins Subdivision between Dawkins, KY. And Evanston, KY.
      (ffd: STB)


      (MON) Burlington Northern Santa Fe appointed Carlos Green AVP-Compensation, Benefits and Employee Services, effective immediately. (ffd: BNSF Corp.)

      (WED) PATCO, operator of the high-speed rail transit line between Philadelphia, PA. and Lindenwold, NJ., announced that Thomas Hickey was resigning as General Manager.  Mr. Hickey had held the GM position for
      approximately 1 year. (ffd: Philadelphia Inquirer)

      (THU) New Jersey Governor James McGreevey asked the Board of Directors of New Jersey Transit to terminate the contract of its Executive Director and head, Jeffrey Warsh.  "There needs to be a discernible change in management toward greater accountability and enhanced performance", Mr. McGreevey told a newspaper reporter earlier in the week, when questioned about NJT. (ffd: The Record of Hackensack, wire services)

      (FRI) Philadelphia, PA. commuter rail and transit operator SEPTA appointed Faye Moore General Manager and head of SEPTA.  Ms. Moore was most recently SEPTA's Treasurer and CFO. (ffd: Philadelphia Inquirer)

      * * *

      Weekly Rail Recap is edited from public news sources and distributed weekly, usually on Monday or Tuesday, to the rail and transit industries and those interested in them.

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