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Re: [FJGRailroad] Scotia Topo Map

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  • Gino & Kelly DiCarlo
    Malcolm, You are talking about the line that connected the NYC Sandbank (Sunnyside) Yard and the D & H Mohawk Yard! That line was there until the late 70 s
    Message 1 of 16 , Feb 20, 2002
      Re: [FJGRailroad] Scotia Topo Map Malcolm,

      You are talking about the line that connected the NYC Sandbank (Sunnyside) Yard
      and the D & H Mohawk Yard!  That line was there until the late 70's when it was
      removed.  It did cross Freeman's Bridge Road just below the B & M Crossing!
      I didn't realize it was part of the original S & S Railroad!


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      When I first moved to Schenectady, the switch to the east at Sunnyside road continued across the Freeman's Bridge road, thereby making two grade crossings of Freeman's Bridge Road, the other being the B&M. They were a few hundred yards apart with the abandoned  one being still visible. As one went east on Maple Avenue, there was a track crossing Maple Avenue which went into the Sunnyside yard of the D&H. This too, has now been removed. I was never quite sure whether this crossing came from the NYC or the B&M because the B&M runs parallel and close to Maple Avenue.

      Sorry I can't help on the location of the never completed S&M. There is something that looks like a railroad embankment which crosses Route #146 (Hamburg Street) between Schenectady and Route #20. This could have been built as a power line right-of-way or as a railroad. I vaguely recall reading something about this being built in a conspicuous location to threaten other railroads into reducing their rates. There is a water main from French's Mills, on the Norman's Kill creek, to Watervliet. It must run thru this same area, perhaps on the old S&M ROW. The lake, impounded by the dam at French's Mills, is called the Watervliet Reservoir. This dam is beneath two Conrail railroad bridges which lead to Selkirk.

      Malcolm Horton

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