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Re: [FJGRailroad] Johnstown & Little Falls Railroad

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  • paul larner
    Retitled. ... Does anyone know if there was any connection to the west, say to Utica? ... _________________________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002

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      >The missing link in the chain of electric railroads across the state of New
      >York was between Johnstown and Little Falls. Though a railroad was planned
      >several times over the years for this coridor one was never built.
      >Initially the link was a steam railroad to connect the Fitchburg with the
      >road's south from Utica to carry coal to New England, independent of the
      >(predecessor) and NYC interests (the Fitchburg branch line that became the
      >S&S was part of this plan). Construction of the NYWS&B in 1883 made this
      >route unnecessary, though it's subsequent inclusion under the NYC umbrella
      >kept the idea alive. Shortly after the turn of the century (20th) electric
      >investors also schemed to connect the Ballston Terminal with Little Falls
      >through Vail's Mills, Johnston and west. This line was allied with the
      >Mountain Lake Electric which was to secure a route into and through
      >Gloversville fully intemding to provide competition to the FJ&G. They
      >secured a rout through Gloversville via Bleeker St. and somehow, not sure
      >right now, south toward Johnstown. There was also to be a link to Amsterdam
      >from the Broadalbin area. I have seen the engineers route map which I
      >bvelieve is filed at the county building in Johnstown. Financing blew the
      >plan apart among other things.
      >The FJ&G was also involved in their own plan to fill the void with their
      >Johnstown and Little Falls Railroad.
      >The idea died finally in the early twenties as the automobile showed it
      >would eat up all the trolley's potential.
      >Interesting that Hees continued to invest the FJ&G in electric expansion
      >when he was an early advocate of the automobile and should have seen it's
      >potential. (That was acted on by Henry Ford) Hees should have built the
      >FJ&G turnpike to Schenectady rather than a trolley road; it would have been
      >more viable than the trolley in the long run and avoided the reorganization
      >between 1932 and 1943. Think of this and you will understand what the real
      >business of he and his co-investors was.
      > >From: "Lee Morelli" <Morelli@...>
      > >Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 08:54:54 -0500
      > >
      Does anyone know if there was any connection to the west, say to Utica?
      > >

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