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Re: [FJGRailroad] newspaper blurbs

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  • paul larner
    The missing link in the chain of electric railroads across the state of New York was between Johnstown and Little Falls. Though a railroad was planned several
    Message 1 of 58 , Jan 2, 2002
      The missing link in the chain of electric railroads across the state of New
      York was between Johnstown and Little Falls. Though a railroad was planned
      several times over the years for this coridor one was never built.
      Initially the link was a steam railroad to connect the Fitchburg with the
      road's south from Utica to carry coal to New England, independent of the D&H
      (predecessor) and NYC interests (the Fitchburg branch line that became the
      S&S was part of this plan). Construction of the NYWS&B in 1883 made this
      route unnecessary, though it's subsequent inclusion under the NYC umbrella
      kept the idea alive. Shortly after the turn of the century (20th) electric
      investors also schemed to connect the Ballston Terminal with Little Falls
      through Vail's Mills, Johnston and west. This line was allied with the
      Mountain Lake Electric which was to secure a route into and through
      Gloversville fully intemding to provide competition to the FJ&G. They
      secured a rout through Gloversville via Bleeker St. and somehow, not sure
      right now, south toward Johnstown. There was also to be a link to Amsterdam
      from the Broadalbin area. I have seen the engineers route map which I
      bvelieve is filed at the county building in Johnstown. Financing blew the
      plan apart among other things.

      The FJ&G was also involved in their own plan to fill the void with their
      Johnstown and Little Falls Railroad.

      The idea died finally in the early twenties as the automobile showed it
      would eat up all the trolley's potential.

      Interesting that Hees continued to invest the FJ&G in electric expansion
      when he was an early advocate of the automobile and should have seen it's
      potential. (That was acted on by Henry Ford) Hees should have built the
      FJ&G turnpike to Schenectady rather than a trolley road; it would have been
      more viable than the trolley in the long run and avoided the reorganization
      between 1932 and 1943. Think of this and you will understand what the real
      business of he and his co-investors was.


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      >I enjoy reading this stuff. Is there a map of the streetcar routes in
      >Johnstown & Gloversville and their connection to Schenectady? Does anyone
      >know if there was any connection to the west, say to Utica?
      > >>> speigletown@... 1/1/02 1:19:05 PM >>>
      >quick newspaper blurbs from looking for the Opening of the Miss Johnstown
      >July 1926
      >10th - lightning hits belt line car in gloversville at 9pm. at 5th Ave and
      >North Blvd. Mrs Anna Brown severely injured. "Tony" Haberbush, driver,
      >shocked but quickly recovers
      >also, a Laundry Truck, driven by George Girard collided with a belt line
      >trolley on Main St.
      >11th Freight Engine #14 built by AlCo for $26,000
      >15th commentary about abandoning of upper Vrooman Ave in Amsterdam, and
      >something about how it will effect the paving of the road.
      >20th - Vestibules of Limited Car #106 & a one man car #508 of Schenectady
      >Railway co are damaged at 7am at Church and State in Schenectady.
      >Let me know if stories like these are of interest to people. I'm going to
      >be continuing to go through the papers(in February) to find the Miss
      >johnstown Diner Article, and i'll jot these down if anyone would like.
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    • mwilber@webtv.net
      Good one Rich!! Mark
      Message 58 of 58 , Jan 8, 2002
        Good one Rich!! Mark
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