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Rand Warner 1964-1967

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  • Walt Danylak
    Good Morning, Here is the next installment from Rand s journal. There s no entries for 1968 & 1969. After that there are limited entries. I ll try to compile
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
      Good Morning,

      Here is the next installment from Rand's journal. There's no entries
      for 1968 & 1969. After that there are limited entries. I'll try to
      compile what's left. There are notes with no dates, so I'll see if I
      can determine what year they should be.



      June 14 – From Fred Dye: Fonda station razed for Oneida Market. Fonda
      turntable filled in to provide space for mail transfer from Albany-
      Utica trucks to FJ&G trucks. Baggage carts stored there. Fulton
      County Coal Co. sold out to Glove Cities. Salt for Johnstown streets
      unloaded at the Johnstown coal shed. Coleco toy manufacturer
      expanding at Gloversville. Shipped out 79 carloads last year.
      Reprocessing plant set up at Broadalbin. Three to five carloads per
      week to Broadalbin for sawdust. Substations were located at Johnstown
      Amsterdam and Glenville. Amsterdam on at all times. Johnstown and
      Glenville on automatic by demand. Tribes Hill on standby, ready to go
      on 2 hour notice.

      August 1 – Piggyback ramp good for a couple of cars a month.
      Continued addition of equipment to Fairbanks Feeds. Tracks removed at
      Hill Street where trunk sewer went through. Fulton County Coal Co.
      boarded up. North passenger yard overgrown with weeds. Windows all
      broken in the brick stockroom near the forge building. Turntable
      disabled. Roundhouse in rubble. Coal shed down in Johnstown at
      intersection of Mason and William Streets.

      Thanksgiving – Piggyback trucks on special flat car at ramp. More
      flat car loads of ties at passenger station. Low water in reservoir
      showed up the ROW near the boat works outside of Mayfield.


      July – From Pete Vosburgh: Senior engineer with 5 years until
      retirement. Gas electric #340 was derailed and froze up, breaking
      lines and radiators in Manitoba. Mentioned that when reservoir was
      put in, FJ&G received sufficient money to build to D&H connection at
      Saratoga. This would have provided interchange transfer traffic. J.
      Ledlie Hees milked the FJ&G of most of the funds. Howard Cole retired
      last year as freight agent. Freight car loadings in and out about 50
      per week. No more LCL handled at freight houses, so no need for
      freight pickup trucks. Now own one Jeep, one pickup and one Chevy
      van. Mail contract lost – all mail now handled by private trucks.
      Mail is no longer broke up locally. All Gloversville to Johnstown
      letters go thru Albany. Freight car loadings hampered by dispatching
      only from Selkirk and DeWitt yards of NYC. Piggyback traffic steady
      but not as much as anticipated. Johnstown coal yard taken over by the
      city for salt. Karg Brothers took over coal yard at Washington Street
      in Johnstown. King Coal at Fairgrounds is the only coal dealer in
      Johnstown. Gloversville coal handled by Glove Cities at Kingsboro
      Avenue and another company at Foster Street. Coleco toy factory
      expanding into the space used by the Gloversville City garage.
      Diesels #20 & #21 still haven't been overhauled. One unit has had its
      valves ground. Engines are rotated monthly. Diesel #30 has been moved
      out of the paint shop into the barn.

      October – Loading dock on end of freight station torn down. South end
      of passenger station deteriorating. One track removed in Johnstown.
      Salt unloaded at Johnstown coalhouse.


      August 27- Fred Dye had a stroke, can't see or walk. Diesel
      overhauled completely for 1st time. More shop help laid off. Diesel
      #30 has been out for demonstration use.

      October 10 – Gloversville yards empty. Another yard track out.
      Passenger station eaves are braced up. Plow S-2 and handcar, both
      painted red, are in the paint shop. All 3 diesels are in the shop
      barn. The flat cars are in front of the passenger station. Sacandaga
      Park still has lots of appeal but the station is in rough shape. It
      was used as a Post Office, beauty parlor, etc.

      November 24 – Entire south end loading dock removed from Gloversville
      freight house. Pickup, flat bed stack body and handcar are in the
      paint shop. Three diesels, flanger and caboose are in the main shop.
      The panel truck and the Scout are also there. Fairbanks Feeds
      expanding to use forge shop.

      December 25 – Twenty inch snowfall brings out flanger S-2.


      Easter – Fred Dye passed away. Minnie Wadsworth passed away.

      June – Ramp removed from Johnstown freight house. New siding for
      Coleco warehouse at Dennies Crossing. Switcher #30 sold to Cargill
      Co., Houston, TX. It was sent to Sayreville, PA for an overhaul.
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