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  • paul larner
    That really is the issue and I ve been on the enforcing side. Many industries still allow their employees down time - kind of the 60-40 perspective on
    Message 1 of 24 , Apr 30, 2001
      That really is the issue and I've been on the enforcing side. Many
      industries still allow their employees down time - kind of the 60-40
      perspective on productivity eg. from every employee there is really only so
      much of their work time that actually goes to productive work the rest is
      toilet, smoke, visiting, home phone calls etc. It's when the ratio starts
      to fall below 60-40 that you take notice. Usually the employees coworkers
      notice it first. I policies are not enforced, and expectations not
      demanded, in reality they then don't exist and when allowed to deteriorate
      too long the correction will yield upheaval and oftentimes jobs.

      I gave all that crap up. Now I just have to deliver my time and skill and
      take home the paycheck, no headaches. I was never expected to get an ulcer
      though; I was accused of giving them.


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      >Some may consider this an invasion of privicy, however other side of coin
      >is if your being
      >paid then the time is the company`s and not your own, I agree that if there
      >is no negitive
      >side to the operation, then what`s the harm. But I aint the company. dick

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    • Richard W. Ryall
      Message 2 of 24 , Apr 30, 2001

        Glenn Williams wrote:

        > Just a couple of points:
        > o Does your employer have an employee handbook?
        > o If so, does it cover the use/abuse of your Internet access or the
        > ability to send/receive email? If not, is there a general policy
        > somewhere saying that 'what is not allowed is permitted' or 'what is
        > not forbidden is allowed'?
        > o Ideally, email/phone call usage should be covered by common
        > sense, something along the lines of 'incidental usage is
        > permitted.'
        > o In Gino's case, New York State statutes will rule. For those of
        > us outside of New York, check your local rules and regs.
        > A touchy area.
        > Glenn
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