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Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: eGroup Mirror Sites

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  • Richard W. Ryall
    Jim Willis has a 87 Accord LXI, and I have an 88, good cars.
    Message 1 of 26 , Mar 30, 2001
      Jim Willis has a 87 Accord LXI, and I have an 88, good cars.

      paul larner wrote:

      > Thinking seriously about an Accord; said by many, many to be one of the best
      > cars out there.
      > PKL
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      > >--- In FJGRailroad@y..., mwilber@w... wrote:
      > > > Mike-I'll get you the time scheldule tommorrow night.Things may
      > > > change,our BH-2 local from Bing to Syr. derailed tonight on the main
      > > > near bucbee Mears Co. in Cortland,sending cars everywhere.I guess about
      > > > 4 or 5 cars on their sides,just missing the clorine tank cars being
      > > > unloaded.They are going to have quite a chore to get that straighten up
      > > > before Saturday.I helped putting that train together this morning.I
      > > > brought up the coaches and the two E-9s last night for the festival,and
      > > > went over that spot OK.I wont get home tommorrow night late.but when I
      > > > get the lastest information,I'll pass it on.
      > > > Mark
      > >
      > >Mark, Mike, et. al.
      > > Thanks for spreading the word on the Marathon Maple Festival. We
      > >go most every year. It's a railfan's dream. Wish I had thought of
      > >posting the details here earlier so our members from the Capital
      > >District could have had more planning time.
      > > Here's the schedule for both Sat. March 31 and Sun. April 1.
      > >Train leaves Susquehanna Station in Armory Square Syracuse at 8:30
      > >a.m. and arrives in Cortland's nicely restored station at about 9:45.
      > >The train then makes hourly push-pull shuttles from Cortland south to
      > >Marathon at 10, 12, 2 and 4 and Marathon north to Cortland at ll, 1, 3
      > >and 5. Then there's the return to Syracuse arriving 6:45. There bus
      > >transports if you miss your train. The Maple Fest in Marathon is a
      > >village-wide fair, with tons of family stuff to do.
      > > There's a model train show both days in the Cortland freight
      > >station right behind the passenger station and a train show Sunday at
      > >the Syracuse Exit 37 Thruway Holiday Inn.
      > > Walter Rich always has neat motive power for the train, like a
      > >Chinese steamer, vintage Budd cars, and/or covered wagons. As Mark's
      > >told us, the Susie-Q E9s are this year's power.
      > > Lastly, the thing does have an FJ&G connection. As Paul Larner
      > >has told us, Rich used the FJ&G's charter to purchase from Conrail the
      > >trackage from Syracuse to Jamesville. This train covers that ground.
      > > So Sunday is the Maple Festival, the first day of the racing
      > >season, the first day of the trout season, the first day of the
      > >baseball season, yet we still have a foot of snow on the ground and
      > >the ski areas are l00% open. Father Laird is gonna be preachin' to
      > >empty pews this week.
      > > ------Andy Fusco
      > >P.S. My daughter now drives my hand-me-down 1988 Honda Accord. One
      > >owner, 250,000 miles, and still going strong.
      > >
      > >
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