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  • paul larner
    The valuations were in several parts. I have heard somewhere, or read, that the FJ&G had no right of way maps, which had to be created for the valuation. They
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 3, 1999
      The valuations were in several parts. I have heard somewhere, or read, that
      the FJ&G had no right of way maps, which had to be created for the
      valuation. They went to DO, and I believe they still have them. There
      exists a three volume itemization of every item on the FJ&G at the time of
      valuation. They covered all the minutiae. However, there is not one clock
      listed. I know they had them because a Seth Thomas No. 2, from the
      Gloversville station exists (Was stored upstairs in the G'ville freight
      house). Funny how some things can be taken for granted (like wives). The
      capitalization is in another volume which includes the corporate history and
      the best description I've read of the "conspiracy" that turned the "local"
      road over to the Central and then to the Cayadutta group. Includes all
      changes in the capital accounts of all the property "ever" owned by the FJ&G
      and predecessor companies. It also lists a group of expenditures that were
      not capitalized. This is useful, along with newspaper reports and the
      commissioner's reports to reconcile a roster of steam division equipment.
      (So far I've identified 4 locomotives that carried the number 4.) Then there
      is the photographic documentation of equipment and buildings. This must be
      what is being referred to here. Its'pages were copied; the information is
      available. Most of the photos re steam equipment are in the original "Steam
      and Trolley Days" book. I never saw a bridge and buildings book. There are
      bound volumes of the company's annual reports of which I know of one. It's a
      middle volume, reports 36 to 47. They did annual reports, even while the
      company was "privately" held, if you can believe the newspaper record.
      Where are the others?

      I am told the valuation data is archived with old ICC material but I have
      also heard there was a cleaning out, many "obsolete" records being
      discarded. That may be how this Annual report volume came available.

      DO did what any group of collector's does when they have the opportunity,
      they collect and they take it home. To my knowledge they did not destroy or
      squander any historical material. I don't remember if it was Walter Rich or
      his Supt. Jerry ?? who said to me after they acquired the FJ&G that he never
      was on a road that had so few collectibles left. At least that was the gist
      of the conversation.

      By the way, I'm looking for a copy of the Employee timetables published
      during the DO years, nos. 111, etc.. Does anyone have a spare of them they
      will sell or trade. Scan or photocopy would do until something better comes


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      >I am familiar with this report, but not all of it. The track valuations
      >schematics were left in the freighthouse and were sent to an archive when
      >the building was torn down around 1994.
      >The pictures you refer to were not in the safe when the building was torn
      >down. My guess is that they either ended up in the hands of a private
      >collector, or DO still has them somewhere.
      >I've heard complaints from quite a few people about DO taking parts of our
      >local history away with them, but hey, DO owned the railroad. As far as
      >I'm concerned, they had the right to take their stuff with them. I do know
      >they took a variety of old photographs, etc., which I believe are still in
      >Cooperstown. They've been helpful to me in the past in providing
      >information but they usually don't seem interested in providing copies of
      >anything specifically.
      >I was told that the US Gov't must have an archived copy of this report
      >"somewhere" but I have no clue where it is or how anyone might get copies.
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