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  • Paul Charland
    Subject: Re: [FJGRailroad] FJ&GRRHS? Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 00:46:29 -0400 From: Aaron Keller To: p.charlie@sympatico.ca Paul, The
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      Subject: Re: [FJGRailroad] FJ&GRRHS?
      Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 00:46:29 -0400
      From: Aaron Keller <mgaj@...>
      To: p.charlie@...


      The "Historical Society" I mentioned is not the one Walt Danylak tried
      forming. His group went on for a few years, as I recall, and then he
      disbanded it because he didn't have time to keep up with everything.

      Around 1993, one local historian put together a group of FJ&G fans for
      purpose of opening some sort of exhibit... or so we thought. The
      came to be the "Boxcar Museum" which isn't really a museum. It's an old

      FJ&G boxcar which was painted up in a totally-unrealistic paint scheme
      this historian.

      The club voted 15 to 1 against this historian; we wanted it accurate and
      wanted it to look "nice." But since he had control of the money, he did

      what he wanted, and the club got the shaft.

      This historian and his son also copied a lot of club members' pictures
      in an
      attempt to make a collection for the "museum." The collection quickly
      turned into one for themselves, for their benefit. The son did a book
      just came out. Some of the pictures are rather rare but the photo
      reproduction quality isn't that good and book has a lot of mistakes. I
      don't agree with the author's ethics on how he got a lot of his
      One small part of this "ethics problem" is that no credit is given to
      people who took those pictures, and I think that's a tragedy.

      I probably shouldn't go as far as to say this stuff, but it's what
      Local politics.

      Anyway, when the historian got his way with the boxcar, and once his son
      the pictures, he shut the club down.

      Now, after that story... the club members were still interested in
      so I took over, reorganized everything, and ran the thing from around
      beginning of 1997 until I went to college in the fall of last year.
      why I referred to myself as "past president" of the club.

      The club still meets monthly in the Gloversville Library but I'm not
      sure of
      the schedule. I'm busy working in the summer and I'm away most of the
      in college. I therefore don't get to attend very many meetings. When I
      word of the schedule, I'll send it to the listserv.

      Since I left the club, our membership has dwindled down to a very few
      (maybe only 5 people per meeting). We used to pull about 20 per meeting
      that's because I always had a presentation lined up. I'm sad to see
      go downhill, but most of the people handling things now are older, work
      full-time, and don't have the time to organize presentations every

      When I was running things, I was in High School, I organized the FJ&G
      did several extra-curriculars in school, my own photography, videography
      television, wrote for Railpace, and still managed to graduate with State
      Local Honors! I was a very busy person but I always tried to do things
      the best of my ability.

      A lot of the club members have been in bad health lately as well. A few
      the members have had their wives get sick, and a few have had cancer.
      was in a bad car accident, had two worn-out knees replaced by surgery,
      had pneumonia all within a year! I saw that person just today at work,
      as a
      matter of fact, and he's doing well.

      Well, speaking of work, I need to get there early tomorrow morning, so I

      better get going.

      Talk to you later,
      Aaron Keller
    • Paul Charland
      Subject: Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 00:55:44 -0400 From: Aaron Keller To: Paul Charland Paul, I ll respond to your
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        Sun, 15 Aug 1999 00:55:44 -0400
        Aaron Keller <mgaj@...>
        Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>


        I'll respond to your questions about scanners... since I'm not yet back
        college, I'm not able to reply "to the list."

        I don't know too much on the subject, but I do know some fellows who run
        pages, and they've told me NOT to invest in a Hewlett-Packard scanner.
        don't know why they say this, but the guys who told me are pros, so I
        thought I'd pass along their advice.

        Talk later,
      • Paul Charland
        Paul, I ll be able to answer questions 1 and 4. ... Most web pages and email attachments are done with JPEG compression because JPEGs are smaller files (due to
        Message 3 of 4 , Aug 16, 1999

          I'll be able to answer questions 1 and 4.

          >1: What is the best format to post an image? At the same time, is the
          >"best" format one that is common enough for every one to be able to

          Most web pages and email attachments are done with JPEG compression
          JPEGs are smaller files (due to compression). They are, however, not as

          sharp as other image types.

          I personally use Corel PhotoPaint for most of my stuff and I like the
          file extension (CPT). Adobe Photoshop's own format is just as good,
          what I understand. I also use GIF and TIFF files from time to time as

          JPEG files are almost universally accessible (all web browsers can open
          them) and because of their small size, they're used most often.

          The other file extensions are better quality but some of the specialized

          ones (Corel, Adobe) can only be viewed with those who own that
          software. They're also much larger files and not as fast to

          >4: Is there a shelf like for saved images?

          Any image that's stored digitally does not have a "shelf life" as do
          photos. The image is transferred to "1" or "0" and is stored as a
          series of
          characters. Characters don't have a shelf life.

          In theory, digital images are supposed to last forever. There are a few

          points I will mention, though, which you should consider:

          First, you need to remember that digital images are not as sharp as
          analog slides. Color prints aren't that sharp but color slides are,
          taken with good equipment. Along those lines, current digital images
          lend themselves well for enlarging... they get very grainy.

          Second, as we all know, computer equipment changes often... how many of
          use Print Shop for the Commodore 64? I am personally worried about
          all-digital because the technology becomes obsolete rather quickly.
          to say that the images you save on your computer now will be able to be
          accessed by computers five or ten years from now?

          Third, digital mediums are affected heavily by things such as magnetic
          fields (lightning, power surges, etc.). They can be destroyed easily
          without knowledge. How many times have we lost files on our computers
          then gotten mad?

          The point I'm making is that I'd hate to have an important picture
          solely on
          digital copy, and then lose it to something stupid like a power surge or

          accidental erasure.

          I have a surge protector on my computer but it's practically useless.
          in point: I had over 40 pages of FJ&G notes in various files which were

          backed up on disk. I kept the disk away from all my other disks and I
          it locked up all the time. I used it about once every two months to
          additions to the notes. I had all the files backed up here and there
          for one file. Well, one time, I popped the disk into the computer, and
          started reading the files, and within a minute or two, *ZAP*, everything
          lost to a power surge. I had a heck of a time trying to go off of
          copies, paper copies, etc., and of course I lost the one file for good.

          I am not a computer person by hobby; I just use it as a tool. I keep
          everything on a backup printout because I don't especially enjoy
          such as this one.

          Hope this answers your questions.

        • Paul Charland
          Subject: Fw: Scanners Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 00:27:27 -0400 From: Aaron Keller To: Paul Charland Hello Paul et.
          Message 4 of 4 , Aug 17, 1999
            Fw: Scanners
            Tue, 17 Aug 1999 00:27:27 -0400
            Aaron Keller <mgaj@...>
            Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>

            Hello Paul et. al.,

            Glad I can offer advice. I talked to my people who know about scanning
            devices and this was the most comprehensive response I got. Hope this
            offers a better comparison.

            >The HP slide scanner we use is built well and appears that it will last
            >long time, but it is very sensitive to dark slides and does a terrible
            >job on prints.
            >The print scan problem is a design flaw. There are 2 LED
            >lights that are too bright and when the scanner scans the picture,
            >lights show through the paper leaving a red and green streak down the
            >scanned in image.
            >This unit also scans negatives. This it does very well.
            >When we got this unit they had just dropped the price a bit.
            >The price has since rebounded back up which leads me to believe they
            >of the problem and were just trying to get rid of the old ones in
            >of a revised model.
            >With a little TLC one can get professional results from this unit. I
            >have scanned a slide which had a developing defect, digitally removed
            >defect, and had the 80 meg file printed at a professional lab with
            >excellent results.

            I will be back in college on Saturday, August 28 so I am expecting to be

            able to reply "to the list" at that time. Thanks for your patience in
            mean time.

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