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Re: model kits for museum

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  • Tim Germain
    Andy, thanks for the information. I ll give it a try. Now to get the car done for Randy before May. What rolling stock did the FJG own? Is there a list
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 6, 2000
      Andy, thanks for the information. I'll give it a try. Now to get
      the car done for Randy before May.

      What rolling stock did the FJG own? Is there a list printed anywhere
      that I can consult?

      Last question for now, if any of you know of a copy of Dave Nestle's
      book Steam and Trolley Days... that is for sale please let me know.
      I've been trying the internet at various places and haven't found one
      yet. Actually I did find one copy, but it was sold the day before I
      was able to contact them.


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      > wrote:
      > > I have two Thrall 4-door cars that I found at a train show. I
      > would
      > > like to get them repainted for the FJ&G. I would be willing to
      > > donate
      > > one to the museum if I could get the other repainted. I'd do it
      > > myself but, unfortunately, don't have the materials to do so.
      > > takers?
      > >
      > > Randy, I'd love to help out with some kits. I need to get back
      > into
      > > the hobby. Maybe it'll rub off onto the kids. At this time car
      > kits
      > > would be the best. (I'm a fairly-new beginner to the hobby.) I
      > > planning to be in the Gloversville area again in May 2001. I
      > > I'll be able to see the box car and park then. When do you think
      > it
      > > will be ready for visitors?
      > >
      > > Tim
      > Dear Tim Germain:
      > I'd be willing to do those Thrall all doors for Randy if you're
      > hesitant to tackle it, but you ought to give it a shot because it
      > is very, very easy. The decals you'll need are Herald King brand
      > set #B-1660. You can order them from Miller Advertising, 1627
      > Lilac Drive, Manitowoc, Wisc 54220. Glenn at the little train store
      > in Scotia that people have been talking about here also carries
      > them. It's a yellow Delaware Otsego box car decal set with FJG
      > reporting marks. As far as paint, there's a dead nuts DO blue
      > readily available without you having to do mixing and airbrushing.
      > Go to a True Value hardware store and get a can on Tru-Test "Easy
      > Color" decorative enamel "Cornflower Blue." The can identifies
      > it as colorcode #ECS-32 and item number #792 617. Before you paint,
      > spray the car with sandable primer and then lightly sandpaper the
      > original lettering. Do this a couple of times until the original
      > lettering is smoothed over and obliterated. Otherwise, it's
      > imprint will show through on your finished product. Lastly, once
      > you've applied your decals and they've dried, lightly spray the
      > car with a coat of Testor's Dullcoat or Glosscoat (depending on
      > whether you want a shiny or dull finish) and the decal edge lines
      > will disappear ( and the decals won't scratch off later when the
      > car is used). ---Andy Fusco, 52 South Street, Auburn, NY 13021.
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