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  • Randy & Lorraine Decker
    More from the rail-trailThis is interesting and will certainly be a good mention for Paul s book!!?? Right Paul?? Seems land titles and leases and various
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      More from the rail-trail
      This is interesting and will certainly be a good mention for Paul's book!!??  Right Paul?? Seems land titles and leases and various maneuvers for right of way have been a big part of this and many railroads histories.  I wonder what this area would have been like had the land owners of that day stopped the railroad from building it's right of way???    I personally would like to see the bike trail become a great success! but I do see where those who live along it's right of way may be concerned and your messages are read with that in mind.  We are a group of people who have a historical as well as a sentimental interest in the FJ&G and nothing can replace what has been taken,  The bike trail is a good solution to what remains of this right of way and if there was a great outcry from the public that this project be halted then so be it  as for those with geographical concerns if a court of law decides there is justification for the rerouting or the outright ending of this trails expansion then so be it!   I can't see why the county or town or cities involved can't place fencing in the areas requested along this route to help make peace?  Hey I guess if you can't "beat em" "join em" comes to mind here  buy a new bike and start riding to town for groceries and errands etc.  By te way Theresa I own land that may border the trail as it expands to the south near Sammonsville so I can understand where you're coming from  I would say it would be (for me) a privacy issue more than anything  I say put those hedges back up and I will agree there should not have been a reason for them to have been taken down unless they were way to close to the old roadbed??  the planners need to be a little more accommodating to all the neighbors of this trail   That's just my opinion  Thanks for the controversy  it has been a little slow lately we need a little heated discussion from time to time!!!
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      Therese has sent me another message that I'll pass along to you...


       I would like to clarify a few things,  the family that lived in my
      home years ago planted alot of the trees for privacy and when my husband
      moved here in 1977 he planted more.  Also, there are reversionary rights in
      the railroad deeds but they are covered under the Gloversville and
      Northville Railroad Corporation and the Cayadutta Electric Railroad. Some
      of the deeds I have acquired are 99 year leases.  Land owners were paid
      just compensation in those days for their property,  even if it was taken
      by condemnation.  The railroad laws of 1850 stated that just compensation
      was due each and every landowner but a lot of the property taken by
      condemnation included out right reversion clauses or leases,  and all the
      property taken by condemnation can be used for railroad purposes only.  
      One of the deeds I acquired today states "the lands conveyed are not to be
      used or sold for any reason other than railroad purposes and if ever the
      the lands cease to be used for railroad purposes the land will revert to
      owners of adjoining lands".  That is the actual wording.  I have copies of
      the Railroad Laws of 1850 and a copy of the list of corporate officers when
      the railroad was established.  Many members of the railroads board of
      directors were land barons from this area.  Most of these directors either
      leased their property to the railroad or simply gave permission for the
      railroad to use it.  Some people did outright sell their property to the
      railroad in fee absolute and some people willed it to the railroad.  I can
      tell by some of the court orders that a lot of the people did not want to
      give up their property without a fight and some fought for more money.  I
      found a list of towns people in Northampton that all signed a petition in
      favor of the railroad,  it was a very long list for that era.  I wonder how
      they felt when the Sacadaga came about.  Could you explain what the
      difference was between the "horse railroad"  and the "street railroad"?
      This has been quite an education for me.  

      Great letter from Theresa!


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