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FJ&G #30?

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  • Paul Charland
    Received this message about Burlington Junction #44. I m trying to track down information to find out if FJ&G #30 when to Colorado before Iowa. Not 100% sure
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2000
      Received this message about Burlington Junction #44. I'm trying to
      track down information to find out if FJ&G #30 when to Colorado before
      Iowa. Not 100% sure now if the BJRY #44 is the ex-FJ&G #30 or not.


      BJRY 44
      Sat, 19 Aug 2000 07:41:34 -0500
      tim&becky <tewinger@...>

      We don't know each other but a friend e mailed me that you wanted
      information about the 44. First of all it was not sold to the
      BJRY in 1968 as your message said.
      The Keokuk Junction Railway had 1/2 ownership of the Burlington
      Junction Railway and they purchased the 44 from Great
      Western Railway in late 1983. 44 arrived in Burlington directly from
      Colorado by truck on the last day of February 1984. The BJ
      started service on March 4 1984.
      The BJ used 44 as the only means of motive power for several years.
      I don't recall the year that the BJ split off from the KJ but the
      following winter they leased an Alco S-2 or S-4. 44 was parked for 1
      year while the 1007 was used. 1007 had bad crank shaft
      bearings and didn't run long. 1007 was then parked for some time and 44
      was again used for a year or more I think until 1007
      received a new engine and generator assembly.
      After the 1007 was put back in service I painted the 44 into the
      present red & black which is the "official" BJ colors. After painting
      the 44 was again moved by truck to Mt. Pleasant,Iowa to a line in the
      city's industrial park that the BJ purchased from the city. The
      BJ later purchased an Alco C- 415 #21 from Wisconsin which replaced the
      1007 and 1007 went back to the lessor.
      Next came the little ex government BLH #9 which came to Burlington
      by rail and was put in service there. A line was acquired
      from BN in West Burlington and 9 was sent there. This line didn't pan
      out in service potential so 9 went to Mt. P. by rail and 44 was
      trucked one more time to W. Burlington.
      44 is still at West Burlington and is used about once a month
      average. If you get the opportunity to come this way drop me a line.
      I don't have any photos but I do have video of all 4 of these locos plus
      the 2 Mt. Hood Ry. C-415's at Burlington.
      After 14 years I no longer work for the BJ but still communicate
      with some of the employees and could maybe get you a tour or

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