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  • Gino And Kelly DiCarlo
    Someone sent me a message today and I wanted to share it with you! This guy may be a member of our list! ... maybe a ... through a ... Arterial and ... Glebe
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2000
      Great message Someone sent me a message today and I wanted to share it
      with you!  This guy may be a member of our list!

      --- In FJGRailroad@egroups.com, "paul larner" <pklarner@h...> wrote:
      > Gino,
      > My recollection was that it followed Glebe street which it joined
      maybe a
      > quarter mile south of the Arterial.  Came out of Knox field and
      through a
      > small cut, between Glebe and the next street west, crossed the
      Arterial and
      > went south in a continuation of the cut, then came together with
      > Street Ext., which it ran along side to where the tracks split. The
      > would have been just south or east of the Junction.  There are
      houses all
      > through the area I just described near the Arterial now.  Were
      or just
      > a couple 35 years ago.  Also the topography has been changed
      Paul's recollection is dead on.

      Back when I was chasing trains or tracing abandoned ROWs, the
      topographic maps put out by the US Geological Survey were an
      invaluable aid.  The problem was finding them.  And if you could find
      them, finding them in the 1:25,000 scale that gave you the detail you
      needed wasn't always easy.  Then there was the matter of the map
      ending in just the wrong place, so you had to try and find the
      adjacent map, in the right scale, to complete your search.  

      About a month ago, a newspaper article sent me to TopoZone.com, a web
      site that has taken all the available topo maps for the continental
      United States and pasted them together electronically in four scales.

      Preserved is the surprise of discovering that the only map available
      for a given sector is still the 1928 edition you used to have (which
      long ago became too tattered, torn, and coffee-stained to be of use)
      and couldn't easily replace.

      Look up "Fonda, NY" and you can trace the route of the Cayadutta
      Electric from the NYC depot into Johnstown.  Ditto the majority of
      the electric division from Sulphur Springs Jct into Amsterdam.  Things
      get a little fuzzy east of Amsterdam, unfortunately.

      You still have to be able to decipher the symbols used, and you'll
      want a colour printer to get the full effect, but it beats not having
      to rely on memories of 40 years ago.

      As for specifics from other responses, the old ROW between Route 30A
      and Mohawk Trail is maintained for emergency use by the Town of
      Mohawk volunteer firemen.  In some ways, it's amazing that over 60
      years of abandonment hasn't erased more traces of the line.  As an
      example, when I was in Fonda a couple of years ago, the village had
      just repaved Cayadutta Street, which covered the electric tracks for
      the first time!  That's gotta be some kind of record.

      And I just remembered how my father used to tell me how Knox Field
      was originally planned to be a full stadium but the FJ&G management
      wouldn't relocate the line, despite offers to pay for it.

      More as I make my way through the messages.

          Glenn Williams
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