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Re: [FJGRailroad] City crews repairing pipe break

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    There were tracks in the street near the Fairgrounds Station in Johnstown. This was a few years ago, I don t know if they ve been covered. They would have
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 2, 2011
      There were tracks in the street near the Fairgrounds Station in Johnstown.  This was a few years ago, I don't know if they've been covered.  They would have been the tracks heading toward Kings...

      On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 12:09 AM, Paul Larner <pklarner@...> wrote:

      In Gloversville there is likely plenty of track remaining beneath the pavement on the Belt line route.  Those tracks are said to have been covered up.  Don't know about South Main to Maple Ave in Johnstown or on West Fulton st.  South of Maple ave. to the end of William street the tracks were removed as part of obtaining the bus franchise through the city.  Don't know about the Market, Montgomery and South Perry streets tracks.  These latter tracks were used to the end, and like Miller st. may have been left in place? 
      Does someone here remember seeing tracks in those streets revealing themselves? 

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      Here is a news item from today's LH,

      GLOVERSVILLE - The city Department of Public Works is hoping to reopen a portion of North Main Street between First and Second avenues by 3 p.m. Friday as a five-man crew works to repair a sewer pipe that broke Thanksgiving Day.
      The area near Cumberland Farms was closed on Wednesday, forcing motorists to bypass it through detours.
      DPW foreman Doug Morrison said the clay-tile pipe infrastructure is so old it gave way beneath the vibrations of Main Street traffic through the years.
      "Plastic wasn't invented when they put that [line] in there," Morrison said.
      He said an old trolly line was located on top of the sewer line, which services the east end of the city, including the lower-numbered avenues.
      I wonder what actually remains of the trolley line, ties or track.

      Saul B. Kalbfeld
      Detroit Motion Picture Studio Mechanics Local 812 IATSE


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