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RE: [FJGRailroad] Bullet Schedule?

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  • Paul Larner
    Oh no. IIRC the 175,-6,-7 series were assigned at Amsterdam to cover the accommodation runs. The 5:15 was apparently run for employees of GE. Note that
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      Oh no.  IIRC the 175,-6,-7 series were assigned at Amsterdam to cover the "accommodation" runs.  The 5:15 was apparently run for employees of GE.  Note that the last run at night from Gloversville terminated at Amsterdam too.  Off the top of my head, because I'm around the corner from you in Malta this week doing some research for the next volume, Amsterdam men had an equalization agreement with the Cayadutta men to work off miles on each others divisions thus those Accommodation cars started and ended at Amsterdam but ran the entire route.  I have not yet seen anything that leads me to believe any Bullets were tied up at Amsterdam. 
      Schedule indicates the first car from SDY is the same car from Amsterdam.  I should some time work out which schedule that car followed and then work the last car from Gloversville backwards.
      You going to have some free time this week?  Have work planned for tomorrow and Wednesday for sure; perhaps we can get together in the evening.

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      When you say the first car East out of Amsterdam was at 5:15, does this imply a Bullet car spent the night in Amsterdam, or did it leave Gloversville not picking up passengers to leave Amsterdam for revenue at 5:15?  Is the first westbound from Schenectady at 6am the same car that left Amsterdam at 5:15?

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