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Re: [FJGRailroad] Coal yard at Amsterdam

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  • Jerry Snyder
    Paul, The first purpose built Amsterdam station went up in 1867 on the east side of the foot of Railroad Street on the north side of the tracks.  Up until
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      The first purpose built Amsterdam station went up in 1867 on the east side of the foot of Railroad Street on the north side of the tracks.  Up until then people waited in the nearby hotels and businesses to catch the train there (and since it's Amsterdam there were several nearby taverns that served as waiting rooms also).  Railroad Street isn't under the mall, it's just a bit west of it.  It's now the ramp leading up from the eastbound Route 5 arterial to Main Street, immediately on the west side of the northbound ramp descending from the Route 30 river bridge to Church Street.  The passenger station on the south side of the tracks was built in 1899 at the staggering cost of $60,000, wedged in between the tracks and the Chuctanunda Gas Light Company, the local plant for the production of manufactured gas.  That plant went in in 1867.  Just east of the station was the Railway Express building and then the freight station.  The 1899 station was torn down in the early 1970's when new river bridge made its landing on the north side of the river.  The station was just west of where Railroad Street would have been if it were extended south across the tracks to the river.  That area is now an open field to the west of the river bridge and slated to become Phase 2 of the Riverlink Park if "they" can ever figure out how to pay for it.  When the 1899 station was closed down the new Amsterdam "station" (and I use that term very generously) opened at the far west end of the city (where the 4-lane highway starts up again) in December of 1970.

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      Hi Charles,


      Anyone have any idea when the original Amsterdam Station was replaced?
      From the Sanborn maps it appears there was a larger station cross the
      tracks and just west of the freight house at the end of Railroad Street.
      Railroad Street in now under what appears to be a shopping mall, and
      the station property looks like a bit of a park.

      ... and remember, rough ideas are better the none!

      Paul :-)

      On 03/03/2011 4:14 PM, Charlie Vosburgh wrote:
      > Paul: I finaly got the maps from Utica of Amsterdam for the year
      > 1901. It shows a coal shed off the Kellogg branch track capy. of 9
      > cars. It would be in the location of what is now the four lane Rt.
      > 5. It is not listed as to who owned it but I don't think it was
      > owned by the railroad. There were 2 other coal yards in downtown
      > Amsterdam at that time near the old location of the station and
      > freight house. Neither would have served the 4 track main. St
      > Johnsville had a coal deck to serve the main line at that time.
      > There's a picture of that in Staufer's book" Thorougbreds" on page
      > 61. The map for the Kellogg branch is also from 1901 and at that
      > time, the track to the upper mills had not been built. I will see
      > about making a copy of these maps for you. Charlie

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