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Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: Amsterdam, NY

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  • Paul Charland
    Hi John, I have a few hundred Conrail consists from late 78 to early 79 that a friend dug out of the garbage from the office at DeWitt yard. A few have
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 11, 2011
      Hi John,

      I have a few hundred Conrail consists from late '78 to early '79 that a
      friend "dug out of the garbage" from the office at DeWitt yard. A few
      have cars destined for Fonda and the FJ&G, these were otherwise through
      freights making the odd stop here and there. I also noticed FJ&G cars
      heading to Amsterdam, pretty much all were for Coleco and I wondered if
      they originated at one of the Coleco facilities on the FJ&G and were
      "inter-plant" shipments.

      Paul :-)

      On 10/02/2011 9:28 PM, John wrote:
      > I'll add a few miscellaneous thoughts on this topic.
      > 1..Selkirk Yard has been around for a long time. There was some sort
      > of yard there back in the early 1900's to serve freights using the
      > Hoffmans connection built between the West Shore and Water Level to
      > take freight off West Albany Hill. I think this link was put in
      > around 1900 but not sure. Selkirk in its present state came about in
      > the mid 60's under the NYC Perlman reign when the yard was fully
      > rebuilt.
      > 2..In the 1970's and until the FJG shut down (I don't know what went
      > on before the 1970's but I assume it was the same)there was a local
      > based out of Amsterdam Yard (along the main). It was an SW1 plus
      > standard PC transfer Caboose until Conrail replaced with a GP15 or
      > other GP's. The power and caboose would always park on the siding on
      > the north side of the yard up against the crossing on the west end of
      > Amsterdam Yard. There were a few times in the early 80's when the FJG
      > was booming that this local was assigned to Fonda with the power
      > parked on the Agway siding. Once the FJG basically shut down the
      > local was moved to South Schenectady (more or less on the timing).
      > During the late 70's and aerly 80's I saw road freights service the
      > FJG interchange as well as the Amsterdam local. Not sure what rhyme
      > or reason was used to decide how cars were delivered to the FJG but I
      > often saw FJG cars in Amsterdam yard.
      > 3..Regarding where the Amsterdam local steam power was serviced in
      > that era, I am just guessing but I would assume it went to West
      > Albany for major service unless there were servicing facilities in
      > Sand Bank Yard.
      > John
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