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  • Paul Larner
    I do not know. Were I to offer an idea, the contents may relate to the construction and supplying of the new Brunswick (Decca) plant off East State street.
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 22, 2010
    I do not know.  Were I to offer an idea, the contents may relate to the construction and supplying of the new Brunswick (Decca) plant off East State street.  Because of the convenience of that location to the highway they may have contained product for one of the communities to the north.  Somewhere among the photos I have the record of a carload or two of pipe and possibly a load or two of poles.  Here are a couple shots from 1956 during the construction of the highway. 
    That spot was very active during the construction of what became rte 30A.   I was 11 in 1956, so don't have any personal recollections of the cement tower, nor do I know how or where the cement was turned into concrete, or whether it came as a concrete mix, for the highway.  Needless to say the groud was stable enough for the trucks to operate in and out of there.  The only recollection I have of the construction of the arterial is this: before asphalt was applied to the road up to E. State street (the piece north of E. State was constructed later) a couple friends and I thought it would be cool to roller skate up to East State then use the nice new and smooth concrete road bed to skate back to Second Ave.  Well we learned the hard way that though the road bed looks nice and flat from your father's passing automobile, it is actually corrugated (andalso uphill).  Not a pleasant skate.  These were the old steel wheel clamp-on skates, not like todays sleek inline models.  There are great memories of hiking in from "hideout hill" (off East Boulevard and No. Boulevard) through to some small farmstead on Elmwood Ave extension, also out to Dennie's Pond for rafting and swimming, in the years before the highway was begun and the dam was removed.  That was a whole 'nother time in Gloversville; a bit of war prosperity still prevailed.


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    Those are fantastic shots Paul. Thanks for posting. Looks like a dirt path off the arterial to the siding. Pretty interesting. So do you know what was in those 2 cars? Were they being staged for Mohawk Cabinets or were they for someone else?

    --- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, Paul Larner <pklarner@...> wrote:
    > Attached are a couple of ground views of the area from October, 1961 and August 1963. THree photos taken from 30A. Don't know (or can't recall) when the switch was removed, possibly the switch material was taken to Broadalbin Jct. when the Coleco tracks were installed. Could find no reference to removal in the annual reports which hints to reuse of the material.
    > PKL

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