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  • Charles Vosburgh
    Gino; No photos but track is still in place and line appears to be open from what I can see from the highway with just grass growing on the row. Crossings
    Message 1 of 4 , May 6, 2010
      Gino;  No photos but track is still in place and line appears to be open from what I can see from the highway with just grass growing on the row.  Crossings and bridge overe the Black River are still in place.  That was my thought about a ride too.  Charlie
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      Wow Charlie, you've been all over!  Did you get any photos up on the L&BR?  I would really like to go up there and get some shots!  Heck, I'd like a speeder ride also.  That rail must be in bad shape, right?


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      Joe and everyone:  Like you I have been traveling but in a truck helping my neighbor deliver seed corn and other seed around the state and have seen many railroad items of interest so here we go.

      First, today I had to go to Beaver River, NY and there was a few people riding a Speeder with a trailer at the crossing in New Bremen on  NY Rt 812  Wanted to talk with them after I made my delivery but they had moved on down the line.  This is the Lowville and Beaver River line.

      Second, the warehouse that I go to in Sodus NY is on the Ontario Midland line and they are storing between 50 & 75 tank cars on the East end of the line between Alton and North Rose NY.  The line is still intact to Wolcott but dormant from Alton.  The line to the west seems to be busy as last week there was a west bound train with 7 or 8 cars behind their RS-11.

      Third,  the line from Utica to Sangerfield is still moving grain cars to all three feed mills at that location.  Line looks to be in good shape from RT 8

      Finaly,  last week I checked on Cooperstown Junction and the two GG-1s and the two FL-9s are still in the same place as last year.  Trains magazine did a story on the GG-1s last year and stated the ownership but nothing has happened.  Charlie

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      Let me start with the westbound trip Sunday night was more expensive $61 USD than the eastbound trip $40USD on Tuesday morning. 
      Traffic was four intermodal and two locals until we reached Syracuse, then they came rapidfire, mainly intermodals, probably six trains including what I think was a light engine move.
      I will say that Amtrak is selling service. they made three announcements with respect toi the cafe car being open in both directions. They alo made it VERY clear that CSX was the host railroad.
      Crews operate Buff-A/R.
      What surprised me was that there is almost no online traffic. You can see many disconnected side tracks but for the most part, between Syracuse and Amsterdam I can only recall seeing a siding with Boxcars at Little Falls NY that had a couple of boxcars.
      There were cars on what I think was the interchange with the Ontario Lines in Newark NY and in and around Rochester there were sidings but I wonedre where the cars are going that I do see on the mixed freights which are fewer in between intermodals and that might just be the answer. There are fewer on line customers and therefore fewer mixed freights.  

      There is quite alot to see at utica with the Adirondack Railroad equipment stored in the yard right by the depot. I am going to assume that Geep with the dynamic brakes was the old Deferrit Paper hog.
      Even the Susquehana yard looked quiet and if it were not for the former BAR pulp cars I think that yard would be empty. I did not see the plow or the FJ&G lettered hopper, both seemed to be permanent fixtures there. 
      Just west of Utica on the north side of the tracks you can still see the Roundhouse. Is that an original NYC structure or did some predecessor build it?
      Those are the thoughts that did not make it into the first email.

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      Under Amtrak's "Yield Management" policy purchasing a ticket at the station same day of travel could be quite expensive. They've gotten like the airlines penalizing passengers for spur-of-the- moment travel. Purchasing several weeks to months in advance can save you substantial money.

      Rick Shivik

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      > Thank you so much for posting these little tiddbits (Canadian term lol). In less then two months I'll be riding AMTRAK over that section of track (Depew - NYC) over a period of four days uzing different trains. Hence I'd like to learn more about the line.
      > Are AMTRAK trains genereally full? I.e. can one realistically buy a ticket at the station say a half an hour before the train comes through?
      > What kind of freight traffic does the line see? Volume?
      > 28.04.10, 01:42, "joseph Klapko wski" <riverlinejoe@ ...>:
      > >
      > >
      > > I rode from Depew to Amsterdam today and saw a few things that may be of interest to all......
      > Roman Litarchuk, Saskatoon, SK
      > My train photography: http://tinyurl. com/Railfan- Roman
      > Canadian Rail News: http://tinyurl. com/CND-CRO

      The New Busy think 9 to 5 is a cute idea. Combine multiple calendars with Hotmail. Get busy.

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