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RE: [FJGRailroad] Re: 238 boxcars--LOAM

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    You are welcome! I hope no one will get insulted here. The fact that the cars had FJ&G reporting marks has nothing to do with who owned the cars. Harvey
    Message 1 of 39 , Jan 4, 2010
      You are welcome!
      I hope no one will get insulted here. The fact that the cars had FJ&G reporting marks has nothing to do with who owned the cars.
      Harvey Industries owned the cars. I am certain that the FJ&G leased thier reporting marks to Harvey.
      What happened next is anyone's guess. Harvey may have had an unrelated reason to want to swap cars for the spreader. It seems that there was some connection between Harvey and the LOAM. I just don't know what it was.
      i will guess though that Walter and the principals of Harvey met at a Shortline Association meeting and found common ground....

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      Joe, thanks for taking the time to scan and share those boxcar articles.

      Aaron, do you know what the connection was between the LOAM and FJG and was Harvey Industries connected to LOAM? I searched the internet and found very little on these topics. What did you mean by "some of the boxcars were given FJ&G stencils even though the FJ&G had no right to re-stencil them". The Leader Herald article would lead you to believe the FJG got them direct from PC (lease financing aside) and had rights to all 238.

      I can't remember who on the FJG told me (I think one of the train crew at the time) but I seem to remember the story being that some of the ex PC boxcars went to LOAM in exchange for the Jordan Spreader (I think it was X-01). They used this for summer ditching a few times and at least twice to clear snow, including once after a big wet heavy storm that shut the line down for several days.

      Anyways, what I remember is the ex PC cars showing up, then some getting restenciled to LOAM about the same time the Jordan Spreader showed up, then cars started getting LASB stencils, then some cars got painted blue and were assigned to MILW in Emery SD (this was stenciled on the cars) and some cars were scrapped on the Hill St siding by NiMo well before the end of the FJG.

      Does anyone know what happened to the LOAM Jordan Spreader. Last time I saw it on the FJG it was on the north end of the siding just south of the South Main St crossing. Did it get scrapped at that spot?

      --- In FJGRailroad@ yahoogroups. com, Aaron Keller <akeller_1979@ ...> wrote:
      > The legal wranglings have been difficult to ascertain, at least on my end, and I will admit that I've spent only a small amount of time trying to understand what happened, why, and when. One set of recordation information on file with the current STB (then ICC) indicates that FMC had a deal with the FJ&G, LOAM, and a company called Harvey Industries for some of what I believe to be the all-door cars. Somehow the CAGY had a hand in this, too.
      > One respected DO source (employee) has told me that some of the boxcars were given FJ&G stencils even though the FJ&G had no right to re-stencil them. Anybody else hear this one?
      > Most of the 238 standard-door cars were stenciled "owned by Harvey Industries, Jena, Louisiana" if I'm not mistaken. Even the FJ&G ones.
      > -Aaron

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    • Gino's Railpage
      Aaron, Thanks for uploading the boxcar info! Great stuff! Gino ... -- http://fjgrr.org http://ginosrailpage.com http://ginostrolleypage.com
      Message 39 of 39 , Jan 5, 2010

        Thanks for uploading the boxcar info!  Great stuff!


        On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:29 PM, Aaron Keller <akeller_1979@...> wrote:

        The LOAM spreader was cut up where you last saw it, John; I believe it was scrapped in the summer of '89 by the Verkliers. 

        A source of mine who played a key role at DO during those years once told me that the FJ&G put its name on cars still owned by PC, kind of like the way a kid with a can of spray paint can put his name on the side of a boxcar without actually owning it.  I guess anybody with a can of paint and a stencil can change the reporting marks of a car from PC to FJG. 

        The same source claimed that PC finally figured out what was going on after it realized that its cars were going up to Gloversville but were not returning, and that FJG cars were appearing out of thin air for interchange... ironically carrying the same numbers as the missing PC cars, but with different reporting marks of course. 

        Allegedly, the source said, that's how the transfer of the cars started. 

        Who knows if it was really that sinister.  The transfer happened near the end of those cars' useful lives.  Friction bearing trucks were on their way out, as were 40-foot boxcars; most of those cars were all 40-footers.  A few were 50 feet long.  Maybe the FJ&G agreed to store the surplus cars for PC in return for ownership of some of the same.  Kind of like the way Guilford is supposedly using leased power on its trains right now in return for storage of same.  Helm or whoever owns the engines; it needs a place to store them as most railroads have no need for leased power right now (bad economy, downswing in traffic).  Anyway... Helm makes a deal with Guilford saying, "you take our engines and use them.   We won't charge you for using them if you won't charge us for storing them."  One hand washes the other.  Everybody comes out in the best situation possible given the current economy. 

        Again, who knows if that's what happened with the PC, FJ&G cars, or not.  I'm just speculating and relaying what a "source" told me.


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