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RE: [FJGRailroad] Track Plan at Fonda

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  • Paul Larner
    Hello Saul, The table was there in the summer of 1961. Another photo I have is not definitive but appears to show the route across the table in the summer of
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      Hello Saul,
      The table was there in the summer of 1961.  Another photo I have is not definitive but appears to show the route across the table in the summer of 1962.  Of '61 I am certain, after that I haven't been able to pin it down,

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      The FJ&G turntable in Fonda appears as photo #1 in the 1928 ICC survey file in our Files section. This was a hand operated table, pushed by the crew to turn an engine. I have the specs for this table in my partial file of the survey. It was there until the early or mid 1950's, I don't know for sure. I remember walking on it several times. Once the FJ&G steamers were gone, it was no longer used, since the ALCO switchers weren't turned. I don't know if #11 and 14 engines could be turned on that table either.

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