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Re: [FJGRailroad] Old Equipment

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  • Aaron Keller
    Sorry, meant to say I did some exploring YESTERDAY at Verklier s. Today was spent on the VTR, Pan Am, and BKRR. -Aaron ________________________________ From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2009
      Sorry, meant to say I did some exploring YESTERDAY at Verklier's.

      Today was spent on the VTR, Pan Am, and BKRR.


      From: Aaron Keller <akeller_1979@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:59:52 PM
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Old Equipment

      As Joe K. reported, I did some exploring today at the Verklier's.

      The old red crane that sat west of Broad St., south of Fulton St. is at the Verklier's.  Part of the DO Burro crane is also there.  Some bulldozer-type machine that was once the railroad's is there.  A rail bender is there.  Some other type of work equipment that Joe and I could not completely identify is also there.  As Joe mentioned, identification was difficult in part due to the fact that it was buried in snow.  It may have been some sort of device for cutting into a tie.  I also want to say that it may have been part of a machine that ground the top of a rail smooth after an on-site weld.  I forget the manufacturer of this machine. 

      The real surprise came with the location of one of the old FJ&G flat cars. 

      Two were on the line in 1988 when the boxcars came out  One was the idler for the DO crane, the other was just sitting there in the Gloversville yard.  One of these two cars sat for years on the north side of the Fulton St. crossing, this back when the FJ&G was still the FJ&G.

      The car is now sitting upside down.  It was clearly repaired at one end, either by the railroad or by some other heavy machine shop.  The car was a 40' flatcar and was riveted together (no welds).  It may have originally been smaller, maybe 32' or so, as the repair on the end appears to have lengthened the car.  The coupler pockets were interesting; perhas this may have originally been a link-and-pin type car.  I took some photos but of course more could be had if desired. 

      The Verlkiers said the car was likely made of cast iron.  The entire body was riveted, not welded.  The trucks were definitely cast iron (which can not be cut up like steel, they said; it has to be busted or broken up).  The Verkliers said the wheels on the trucks of this car were actually hollow; that fact becoming apparent as they were being busted up.

      The only markings on the car appeared to be a very faint ampersand ("&") on one side; a COTS date of 1960 or 1962; and two builder's plates.  The builder's plates listed the Bettendorf Company, Bettendorf, Iowa.  I did some online searching and got the best info. off of the Mid-Continent Railway Museum's Website.  In one spot they claim the Bettendorf company only repaired cars, but in another spot they claim it was a car builder as well.  These plates appear to be builder's plates and they appear to have been attached long ago.  I saw no other builder's marks or plates on the car so I am assuming Bettendorf was the builder.  No date was legible on either plate or on any other part of the chassis.

      All the records I've foud online list the Bettendorf company as having started its business around 1886, 1900 or 1902 and having concluded its business around 1942.  Mid-Continent says it merged into the J. I. Case Company which later merged with New Holland, the farm tractor company.  Bettendorf is also well known as the desingner of a certain type of truck assembly.

      These very early flatcars have always been of interest and it is interesting to see one still around. 

      Re:  The DO era boxcars.  According to the stencils, they were owned by Harvey Industries of Louisiana.  I found recordation data on the STB Website (recordations number 8328-A, 8328, and 7779) which did in fact deal with LOAM and FJ&G equipment.  However, the equipment in the recordation is listed as a series of CAGY boxcars.  For some reason I can't get into the detailed PDF files on those transactions right now.  Something new to dig up.


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