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RE: [FJGRailroad] The Last Run

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  • Paul Larner
    The Nov. 26 date comes from two sources; what can I say different? The Leader says the locomotive was at Omnicology on the 28th and may be around for a few
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      The Nov. 26 date comes from two sources; what can I say different?  The Leader says the locomotive was at Omnicology on the 28th and may be around for a few more days.  DO says they are going to finish up in that week until next Spring.  That is all I've got to go on unless someone else was there and can verify a date.   What we are talking about is the last day the railroad ran as a for profit organization.  The Northville, Fonda line, Schenectady each has a last day for business.  Does anyone believe the given dates were the last days a trolley ran on the lines.
      Checking the photos I don't have one of the bedsheet straight on.  Their is a photo that includes Dave taking a photo odf the sheet.  Someone else has Dave's later photos of the FJ&G.  They are not among the photos I scanned nor those at FMCC.  When the train left the Junction the sheet was on the north or west (dark) side of the locomotive with a small sign on the other side.  The locomotive was turned on the industrial park wye. 
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      I have a tight shot somewhere here, taken by Ira Barnes, of the bed sheet made for No. 103, the sign Dave Nestle made for the last run.  I could have sworn it said Nov. 27th on that bed sheet.  However, I will admit that the image was taken into the sun and it did exhibit lens flair.  It was not an easy photo to read.

      An interesting question now remains.  Was the last run from Broadalbin Junction to Gloversville made on the 26th, and the last run with the Omnicology hopper cars made on a following day?

      We have all seen the photos.  The foggy morning looks nothing like the bright sunny day at Omnicology, unless it suddenly cleared up.  Did the bed sheet remain on the locomotive for several days? 

      And why were those five boxcars brought from Coleco to Gloversville, but not to Fonda?

      Something doesn't give here.  Or am I reading too much into it?  To quote a wise man, "perhaps I am too ambitious in trying to learn everything; I can't."  (Paul Larner, page x, "Our Railroad").

      My curiosity wonders what the DO System dispatchers' logs indicate for this time frame. 


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