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Re: [FJGRailroad] Rail Trails

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  • Dan Sapochetti
    Saul By my house we have an unused rail line(EL Cleveland Branch) that has not been used since 1996. I m not sure why this hasn t been torn up but CR an now NS
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 13, 2008
      By my house we have an unused rail line(EL Cleveland Branch) that has
      not been used since 1996. I'm not sure why this hasn't been torn up but
      CR an now NS have their reasons.All of the grade crossings have been
      torn out and not just paved over.The gates and flashers were the first
      to go about 10 yrs ago.I would love to see trains go past the restored
      depot but the line is too far gone and Carlon/Cantex now ship by truck
      only.Our mayor is chomping on the bit to get these rails out and connect
      it to existing trails from already abandoned trackage.
      the end of line chamberlain road mantua oh\
      looking the other way
      Dan Sapochetti
      Aurora Ohio

      Saul Kalbfeld wrote:
      > Train enthusiasts have a love hate relationship with rail trails.
      > We're glad that the the railroad's path has been preserved, but at the
      > same time look back to a time when the railroad existed. For some
      > weird reason, local governments place more value on the the trail than
      > they did on the actual railroad. We have visited this subject several
      > times in the group regarding measures that were or were not taken by
      > Gloversville, Johnstown and the two counties to try and save the line.
      > Here, the Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train is quitting at the end of
      > the year. Right by our condo, the last five miles of one of the GTW's
      > oldest subdivisions is doomed since there are only 4 loose car freight
      > customers and an expensive to maintain gated state highway crossing.
      > The township is already looking at extending the rail trail that
      > starts over in Pontiac. Like, the body isn't cold yet, and the
      > vultures are circling.
      > Saul
      > West Bloomfield, Mich.
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