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Re: [FJGRailroad] ID Needed Please

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  • Aaron Keller
    I believe part of that factory became Ellithorp s in the late 70s. Sat vacant for about 20 years before they tore down the part that looks like an empty field
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 22, 2008
      I believe part of that factory became Ellithorp's in the late 70s.  Sat vacant for about 20 years before they tore down the part that looks like an empty field in the picture posted.  My father worked for Ellithorp's; if interested I can see what he knows, although by that time I don't think rail service went beyond Schaffel's tannery/Hohenforst's splitting.


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      Good morning Paul,
      When the extension was put across Grove Street the plant was part of Levor's.  It has been called by other names over the years.  Quickly I cannot say what those names were.  There was only the FJ&G to serve the building.  Read something concerning its installation where the city expected an industrial district to develop west of Grove street.

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      Hi All,

      I've uploaded a colored aerial shot of Levor's in Gloversville that
      shows a smaller plant to the west (left) of the shot.

      http://f1.grp. yahoofs.com/ v1/MOm8R9lin998t TWIM65gKJBnoxXp2 lLH2WcLlG1zabmhL F2a1C0ZbgrrblQky wM71iTSbgB3Z- 0paYEicQ6rMWqE7C vMXJYEcpU/ Levor%27s. jpg

      Can anyone please tell me if this plant was served by the FJ&G and what
      it's name would have been?

      If you'd like to have a look through these aerial shots you should be
      able to get to them with this link which will open in Broadalbin. I'm
      not 100% sure they will work for everyone, you might have to sign up for
      MS Live, but maybe not (the shot above is a screen capture from the site).

      http://maps. live.com/ #JnE9eXAuYnJvYWR hbGJpbiUyYytueSU 3ZXNzdC4wJTdlcGc uMSZiYj01Ni40MTM 5MDEzNzYwMDY4JTd lLTQ5LjIxODc1JTd lMjkuMDc1Mzc1MTc 5NTU4NCU3ZS0xMDM uNzEwOTM3NQ= =

      Paul :-)

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