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Re: O and HO Collection

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  • Mike Berger
    Too bad the guy wants to give them up. Old Lionel is great stuff - even on a shelf. That being said, I suggest he be very careful in evaluating the value of
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 17, 2008
      Too bad the guy wants to give them up. Old Lionel is great stuff - even on a shelf.
      That being said, I suggest he be very careful in evaluating the value of the trains. In its
      heyday, Lionel spread more than 5 million train sets around the US. You can almost bet
      "everyone" has a set or a few pieces in a box in their basement.
      Greenberg books are fine but they are only a guide. Unless Lionel, for example, is in
      virtually mint condition in an original box a serious collector won't touch it, and the
      amount you can sell it for is relatively small unless it is very old or rare. Prices you may
      see at a "train show" are not good indicators of what he can get. Rule of thumb is that
      anyone who buys for resale, for example, will give you about 40% of what he plans to sell
      it for.
      I've bought and sold Lionel (I'm not a dealer). For example, I just sold a ZW 275W
      transformer for $225 (there are plenty on ebay if you want to see what I'm talking about). I
      tossed in a box with it - it was worn and water-stained, but still worth more than $25. I
      suggest you make a list of the Lionel items paying particular attention to the "number" on
      the item (every item has a number) and do a quick ebay check vs. Greenberg. He might
      also try selling on craigslist (www.craigslist.org) - it is free. But be careful. Lot of people
      try to scam you there. Always use the anonymous email and never include your name,
      address, phone or home email. Tell them to include their phone number and call them to
      Sorry about staying off topic - but trains are trains.

      --- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, "Charlie Vosburgh" <crvosburgh@...> wrote:
      > Jerry; Is that O scale or Lionel O. I have a 2005 Greenberg's price guide for Lionel if
      that helps. Charlie
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      > Subject: [FJGRailroad] O and HO Collection
      > First, a slightly belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to
      > everyone!
      > Please forgive if this is slightly off topic, but I know someone in
      > the group can help me out. Just before Christmas a friend of mine at
      > work lost his Dad and he is now in the process of cleaning out his
      > belongings. Among them he found a number O and OH items, most wrapped
      > in newspapers from the 1960's, and is putting together a list of what
      > is there. He asked me if I knew anyone that would be willing to take
      > a look at the collection and let him know what a fair value was for it
      > so he knows what he has if/when he decides to dispose of it. Anyone
      > have any suggestions or recommendations for a contact? The stuff is
      > currently somewhere around Schenectady.
      > Thanks,
      > Jerry
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