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RE: [FJGRailroad] Insulator Info

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Thanks ! I appreciate the info ! To: FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.comFrom: handyman756@yahoo.comDate: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 08:44:42 -0800Subject: [FJGRailroad]
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      Thanks ! I appreciate the info !

      To: FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com
      From: handyman756@...
      Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 08:44:42 -0800
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Insulator Info

      Excuse if this shows up twice but it doesn't look like
      it went through the first time.

      I did a little checking on the internet and found the
      following information. The insulator was made by the
      Lynchburg Glass Works in Lynchburg, Virgina between
      November 1923 and May 1925. The company was only in
      production for a total of 44 weeks during that period.
      Insulators were their main product along with some
      mason jars and bottles - they produced about 2 million
      insulators during their short existance. The
      production facility was served by a spur from the
      Southern Railway. The most common color glass was an
      aqua - green, blue, pink, and milky aqua were also
      produced and are more collectable. The markings you
      describe are typical - the L in the oval is the
      company trademark. A quick check of E-bay showed a
      pair of aqua #10's selling for $25.00.

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