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RE: [FJGRailroad] 340 Express Only?

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  • Paul Larner
    Paul ;-), The 340 was bought to fill a void left when the trolley cars were removed in June 1938. After 1930 there was no rail passenger service between
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      Paul ;-),
      The 340 was bought to fill a void left when the trolley cars were removed in June 1938.  After 1930 there was no rail passenger service between Gloversville and Fonda.  It was in 1905 that the company began the shift of passenger service from the steam trains to the trolleys.  First seasonally then completely.  In 1930 busses took over and the Sammonsville flag stop was also eliminated.   The company had continued to provide three trains during the weekdays for passengers to and from Sammonsville.  This was accomplished after 1905 using a coach as the caboose on the regular freights.   The mail and express was still a rail contract which the railroad met with the trolley baggage cars on the Fonda line.  The abandonment of all trolley service in 1938 caused the railroad to initially use one of the Americans and an NYC baggage car to provide the service on the steam line.  The company had also modified gas car 202 for mail and express service but it was not up to the job.  The 340 arrived in July and was shortly put into service.  While it may have run north of Gloversville (allegedly - maybe once as a demonstration) is was never used for hauling passengers on the FJ&G.  When express was heavy the 340 is known to have pulled a freight car.
      The mixed to Broadalbin often operated with just the combine.  Freight traffic was always light to Broadalbin and this mixed train was an accommodation to the village.  I have a suspicion that the railroad had some commitment to the village to provide "rail" service but haven't found it.  At any rate when rail passenger service was allowed to be discontinued on the steam division this mixed remained.  It carried few passengers.  Bus service supplanted the gas cars to Broadalbin on the other two daily runs, as it did to Northville and intermediate points.
      Timetable collectors will note two forms of FJ&G timetables.  One covered former steam division trains and the other was trolley and former trolley trains.  Provisions were made for the men to stay with "their" work.

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      Subject: [FJGRailroad] 340 Express Only?

      Hi All,

      I've just read Jim Shaughnessy' s article in Classic train and am a bit
      shocked to learn 340 never carried passengers.. say it ain't so! Just a
      little surprised to read a passenger train ran on the line six times a
      day for twenty years and never carried passengers. What did the mixed
      to Broadalbin carry?

      Paul :-)

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