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RE: [FJGRailroad] Fonda Postcards - Electric ROW

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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Jerry, The ROW from Fonda is accessible. Nothing remains from the trolley line. I went there back in the 80 s and there were still ties in the ground. Steve
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 16, 2007
      The ROW from Fonda is accessible.  Nothing remains from the trolley line.  I went there back in
      the 80's and there were still ties in the ground.  Steve Lamora and I hiked it a few years ago and
      the ties were gone.  If you keep up the trail, you come out in the guy's backyard on 30A.  The whistle
      post is still in his yard, but I've noticed that he's moved it from the former ROW.
      The ROW from 30A to Old Trail is now used by the Town of Mohawk Fire DEPT. as a fire road.
      I drove up it once just so I could say I drove the Cayadutta ROW.  I figured if the cops came, so
      The line from Old Post up to Sulpher Springs is on farmland and is really hard to walk.  The farmers
      wouldn't like it either.  You can tell where the line crossed Argersinger and Old Johnstown roads, but
      I don't think it would be an easy walk...

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      I just put up four more postcards to the Fonda album, the Walter
      Butler House on Switzer Hill, the new Courthouse, a shot of both
      courthouses, and another shot of the Old Courthouse and Sheriff's Home.

      On another subject, has anyone hiked the electric ROW out of Fonda up
      to the junction? I was looking at the satellite photos and think I
      had the right areas. Most of it looks to be inaccessible other than
      by foot at the Fonda end. Just wondering what if anything might still
      be alone there in the way of artifacts.

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