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Fwd: The world's most ancient "railway" in peril

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    ... From: Sofia Loverdou Date: Oct 3, 2007 7:45 PM Subject: The world s most ancient railway in peril To: fjgrailroad@gmail.com Dear
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      From: Sofia Loverdou <sofia-l@...>
      Date: Oct 3, 2007 7:45 PM
      Subject: The world's most ancient "railway" in peril
      To: fjgrailroad@...

      Dear friends,

      The Diolkos, the famous paved road constructed around 600 BC has been
      called the world's first railway. It was an engineering feat, used to
      transport ships by land over the Isthmus of Corinth, Greece.
      Thucydides, in his account of the Peloponnesian Wars (late 4th c. BC)
      mentions Diolkos, as it was used to haul entire war fleets from the
      Corinthian to the Saronic Gulf… Centuries later, Octavian also used
      this route to trasport over land his lighter ships after the battle of
      Actium …

      Diolkos is rather a forerunner of the tramway. Part of its excavated
      remains bear the grooves made by the wheels of the trolleys onto which
      the ships were placed and transported. There is also a part of the
      monument where one can clearly see that ruts had been cut into the
      stone, at a distance of 1,50m between them.

      Although unique in its kind and rich in history, the Diolkos has never
      been protected since the time of excavation (~1960), progressively
      crumbling into the water at its western end. In an effort to save and
      restore the defenceless structure, we have created an international
      petition at


      We invite you to sign and help preserve this historical monument.

      Sofia Loverdou – freelance science journalist
      Yiannis Balafoutas – Retired teacher, writer

      More information and images in ENGLISH, at
      [Note: the part of the monument with the "tramway" features is the
      last image in the gallery section. Today, this part is again covered]


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