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Re: [FJGRailroad] Tell Me More

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  • Gino And Kelly DiCarlo
    There was an Omncology lab that was there and I was told by one of Engine 100 s engineers that that place was the big shipper in the end, besides Coleco. He
    Message 1 of 3 , May 5, 2000
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      There was an Omncology lab that was there and I was told by one
      of Engine 100's engineers that that place was the big shipper in
      the end, besides Coleco. He told me that they tried everything
      they could to keep the FJG open as far as that industrial park.
      This engineer told me that business was enough from that place
      that they could have run a train there 2 times a week and pay
      operating expenses. I don't know about that. This engineer had
      big dreams of keeping the FJG open himself with some other DO
      employees. He used to keep me updated on how his efforts were
      going, but the rest is history. That spur line was the best
      looking piece of rail that I've ever seen on the FJG. What a
      waste that it was only used for about 2 years. I just dug up an
      article from The Leader from 1986. It says that spur was built
      with money from the (PGDC) Promote Gloversville Development
      Corporation for the Omnicology Fertilizer Plant. It was built
      in 1982 by the DO for $25,000. The PGDC only paid $9,000
      towards it when the line went out of business. The PGDC was
      sued by the DO in 1986 and they came up with the extra $16,348.


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      > Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 23:53:10 -0400
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      > I have a picture of this wye at home but did not photograph it after the
      > line went out of business (at least not that I'm aware of). I do remember
      > it being there and the roadbed remains there today.
      > Right now, for argument's sake, I took a map off of Yahoo! Maps and drew in
      > roughly where the wye was. I posted it to the main "Files" page. It's
      > mqmapgen_v4.gif which is the filename Yahoo! gave it when I looked it up. I
      > am not sure if this is precisely the exact location of the wye, but the two
      > legs cross the Industrial Parkway and then joined to form a curved siding of
      > sorts into some factory there. I was told that this siding was made to
      > serve a plant that actually was not built, or was built and then left, or
      > was built and had problems, or something like that; whatever the case, it
      > was a messed up job. There is a factory now in the same location, but after
      > being out of town for a few years I can't remember what it is exactly, and I
      > can't remember if it's the same building that the railroad was built to
      > serve.
      > Actually, now that I look at the map, I think the siding extended up a lot
      > further than I drew it in, but you get the rough idea where it was anyway.
      > I am not sure exactly when this was built but I will trust Gino's estimate.
      > -Aaron
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      > From: Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>
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      > Date: Thursday, May 04, 2000 7:56 PM
      > Subject: Re: [FJGRailroad] Tell Me More
      >> Ok, I'll take a shot at this one, and later, Aaron can set us both
      >> straight. The Johnstown industrial park was to be built in between the
      > FJ&G
      >> mainline and the highway leading to Gloversville on the north side of
      >> Johnstown. The only information I can offer is that it was to go into the
      >> park from a wye, heading in a northwesterly direction. This appeared in
      >> Harold Russell's 1977 Model railroader article as a proposed industrial
      >> siding, no customers at the time. I believe Aaron and or Gino said that it
      >> was built in 1980.
      >> Now, can we hear a GO Leafs GO!!! Practice make perfect!
      >> Paul
      >> Saul Kalbfeld wrote:
      >>> Being out here in Michigan all these years, I never knew there was a
      >>> Johnstown Industrial spur. Where exactly was it, how long, who were
      >>> the customers...There must have been customers...weren't there.
      >>> Pray for the RED WINGS...but just in case they're out, we switch
      >>> allegiance to the Leafs.
      >>> Saul
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