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Re: [FJGRailroad] Schenectady & Margaretville Railroad

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  • Stephen G. Myers
    So, were any tracks actually laid at the B&M connection in Scotia and if so, in what direction did they travel ? Steve On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 00:13:46 -0500 Paul
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      If you look at the map the route ran in a relatively straight line.  All the towns up the Schoharie valley were listed but none were ever actually served as the railroad only got into the construction stage.  THe book has photos of construction locomotives on the roadbed.

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      What towns did the railroad actually serve (in reality)?


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      THe S&M was a proposed and partially built line connecting the two named
      places but further was a plan to compete with the NYO&W and D&H in bringing
      coal to the New England market. You will find a chapter on this line in
      John Ham and Robert K. Bucenec's book "Rails Along the East Branch. Credit
      for the historical information is given to Ed Baumgardner, who I believe
      is/was a member of the FJ&G group, by the authors.

      This book and they're other two books on Catskill Mountain railroads are
      valuable resources for the serious fan of the region. I can give you
      John's contact info if anyone is interested.


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