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RE: [FJGRailroad] RE: Schenectady Locomotive Works - A&StL locomotives.

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    You created some clarity. The name Adirondack & st. lawrence was spelled out on the tender. No doubt about the name. My confusion was whether the Adirondack
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      You created some clarity. The name Adirondack & st. lawrence was spelled out
      on the tender. No doubt about the name. My confusion was whether the
      Adirondack railroad was the same as the Adirondack & St. Lawrence..... can
      not account for the wheel diameter discrepancy....

      >From: "paul larner" <pklarner@...>
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      >Subject: [FJGRailroad] RE: Schenectady Locomotive Works - A&StL
      >Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 19:12:05 -0500
      >Hello Joe,
      >Was going to do a check the easy way from the ALCO files copied from the
      >Schen. Hist. Soc but the first several pages were either misplaced or not
      >copied??? so I did it another way:
      >The locomotive numbers and wheel arrangements match those owned by the
      >but not the driving wheel diameter, except for No. 1. Let me give you the
      >builders numbers to see if they correspond with those on the photos.
      >Rebuilding could have resulted in altered wheel diameters.
      >Not sure, off the top of my head, what other road would have used the A&StL
      > 1 - CN# 3510; Blt. 1891
      >11 - CN# 3593; Blt. 1892
      >12 - CN# 3512; Blt. 1891
      >33 - CN# 3723; Blt. 1892
      >Each of these locomotives eventually saw service under CV, Rutland and NYCL
      >after there time on the A&StL. My guess this later service was in upstate
      >NY during the periods those other roads had their turn with what was the
      >O&LC. H. Walter Webb, builder of the A&StL, allegedly to the chagrin of
      >his father in law who had just acquired control of the RW&O, was a frequent
      >visitor to the FJ&G during 1892 and 1893.
      >The D&H connection confused me a bit because you mentioned the RW&O. The
      >D&H inherited two railroads from the NY&OM in 1875, connecting to the RW&O
      >but not in the Adirondacks. It was the line that became the DL&W's lines
      >to Utica and Rome - Rome and Clinton and the Utica, Clinton and Binghamton.
      >The Adirondack RR on the other hand, and other side of the mountains, was
      >always the Adirondack until absorbed into the D&H. The A&St.L ran north
      >from Herkimer, always allied with the NYC, never RW&O.. To the best of my
      >knowledge the only connection A&StL had with any D&H lines was near Saranac
      >Sources: "A Century of Progress: The History of the D&H Co."
      > Henry Harter's, " Fairy Tale Railroad"
      >Does that help or create more questions.
      > >From: "joseph Klapkowski" <riverlinejoe@...>
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      > >FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com
      > >Subject: [FJGRailroad] From the Archives - Schenectady Locomotive Works
      > >Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 23:03:59 +0000
      > >
      > >Awhile back, I acquired a whole bunch of paper builder's photos. These
      > >measure 16 x 4 1/2 and were printed by the Lithotype Print Co., 111
      > >Street ,N.Y.
      > >
      > >There must be 25 photos here some with road names that I can not figure
      > >like the handsome photo of JSA&HR 4-4-0 passenger engine (Jacksonville
      > >Aug & Halifax River? This line is listed as a 3 foot gauge in Edson,
      > >Railroad Names). This engne had a tractive effort of 1,234 lbs on a level
      > >with 63" drivers. The Tender had a tank capacity of 2500 gallons.
      > >
      > >Another neat picture is of FE&MVR (Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
      > >part of CNW) #208, a brawny looking 4-8-0 with 37 inch drivers, a
      > >effort of 1,994 and a tank capacity of 2100 gallons.
      > >
      > >There is also a photo of NYC&HRRR #94 a six wheel switching locomotive
      > >a tractive effort of 3,594 and 51 inch drivers.
      > >
      > >My favorite in the collection has to be of # 31, a 4-4-0 of the Rochester
      > >Lake Ontario Railway Company which looks like an inspection engine.
      > >the description notes that this is an eight wheel Forney locomotive for
      > >Suburban and Street Railway Traffic. This engine had 43 inch drivers and
      > >tractive effort of 1,118 with the rear tank holding 700 gallons (no
      > >tender).
      > >There are cow catchers at both ends and the largest builders plate I have
      > >ever seen on the side of the exposed boiler ahead of the carbody and a
      > >boxy headlight that sits on a platform ahead of the number plate on the
      > >nose. Since this is a photo of only one side of the engine, I can not
      > >you for sure, but it appears that there is only one way to climb aboard,
      > >that being from the front of the engine. There are seven large windows
      > >along
      > >the carbody. There are headlights forward and rear. By the way this is
      > >ONLY engine that is listed as burning anthracite.
      > >
      > >Now having said all this I have finally come to the part that I get a
      > >little
      > >confused about that actually started me think about this while I wa
      > >rummagging around in the archives. There are four photos of Adirondack &
      > >St.
      > >Lawrence Ry Co. engines. Is this the Adirondack Railroad that became part
      > >of
      > >the D&H or part of the RW&O or other later NYC lines ?
      > >
      > >Anyway the details are as follows:
      > >
      > >#1, 0-4-0 with 51 inch drivers and 2328 tractive effort with an eight
      > >sloping tender that has a capacity of 2,250 gallons and headlights front
      > >and
      > >rear.
      > >
      > >Next are #11 and 12 but they are not identical.
      > >
      > ># 11 is a 4-4-0 and has 70 inch drivers, 1,472 TE and a tender with a
      > >gallon capacity.
      > >
      > ># 12 is also a 4-4-0 with 64 inch drivers, 1,668 TE and a tender with
      > >gallon capacity.
      > >
      > >Question - Is the Tender capacity an indictaion of whether or not the
      > >engine
      > >is a road engine ?
      > >
      > >Last is #33 another brawny looking 4-6-0 with 57 inch drivers, 2,670 TE
      > >and
      > >a tender with 3,600 gallon capacity.
      > >
      > >Now it is time to watch the second half of the GIANTS
      > >game.......................Oh I almost forgot, What's in your
      > >archives????????????????
      > >
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