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  • joseph Klapkowski
    I agree that some folks are just plain dumb and not paying attention. I have on one occassion boarded the wrong train, primarily one that is not stopping at
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2006
      I agree that some folks are just plain dumb and not paying attention. I have
      on one occassion boarded the wrong train, primarily one that is not stopping
      at Harmon when I think it is. Now I am a seasoned commutter and this is a
      pretty basic mistake but every one in a while it happens.

      So let me relate a quick story about a man I am rather fond of, who
      inexplicably, boarded the wrong train one night on the way home. This man
      too was a seasoned commutter. The phone rang and my Mom called me to answer
      it. "Yes I know roughly where the Bronxville Station is. Yes I will head out
      right now and pick you up. But Dad how did you get on the wrong train?"

      Well needless to say I went down and picked up my Dad.

      How did he get on the wrong train? Well back in the 70's the railroad pretty
      regularly put the same train on the same track out of GCT every night. Pop
      was late and ran onto the train that was waiting where his train was every
      night. This time the wrong train. Even great minds slip up..............

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      >I don't want to take this too far off topic, but if you can't be bothered
      >read and listen, the railroad should not make special accommodations for
      >you. An unaccompanied minor who shouldn't be on the train in the first
      >place, along with the blind and deaf would be the few exceptions to simply
      >putting the passengers off at the next stop (after paying their fare, of
      >course). There are far too many instances of "keying off" passengers who
      >simply aren't paying attention.
      >One gentleman on a Poughkeepsie express train (first stop after GCT is
      >Beacon) had "spread out" with his DVD player and meal, and swore up and
      >that the train was supposed to stop at Cortlandt. It's hard to feel sorry
      >for a guy like that.
      > _____
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      >In December, 2002, I rode a charter from 30th St, Philadelphia to
      >Wyomissing, PA (VF outlet mall). It was well announced in the
      >station that our train was a 'shopping special' and where it was
      >going. FIVE SECONDS after the train left the station, an
      >announcement was made that a group of three people had boarded the
      >train by mistake; they were going to New York.
      >They had come to the WRONG SIDE OF THE STATION, not just the wrong
      >side of the platform. Their New York train was several platforms
      >We had to stop at ZOO tower to let them off so an Amtrak employee
      >could drive them back to the station...
      >--- "Michael B. Justice" <mbj@rantpipe. <mailto:mbj%40rantpipe.com> com>
      > > Today's MNR crews usually call out all the stops, yet people still
      > > find a way to get on the wrong train - go figure.
      >Gary R. Kazin
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      >Rockaway, New Jersey
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