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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Russo s would be OK if we weren t going to train watch! I d like to have an Old fashion Gloversville Library meeting with as many as possible. I m talking a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2006
      Russo's would be OK if we weren't going to train watch! I'd like to
      have an
      Old fashion 'Gloversville Library' meeting with as many as possible. I'm
      a trip to the Ice-Cream joint, walk on the bike trail and a get together
      with photos
      And slides, maybe even a movie! If this date is not good for people, we
      can try again
      in June! For the future, I'd also like to organize a walk on the Vail
      Mills Rail-Trail.
      Maybe even Gordon Cornell can hook us up with a meeting place. Maybe a
      start at the
      Java Junction. This is something we can do!

      Let me know...


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      The 25th is a no go for me as it's my Wedding
      Anniversary. If you want I'll still see if I can get
      the community room for that date, however.

      WRT Russo's, I don't believe they would be receptive
      to a slide show. I have been there twice during my
      long tenure in Amsterdam. Went there for dinner about
      10 years ago and it was terrible. Last summer we
      decided to try it again, for lunch one day. After
      waiting for 10 minutes at a table in the dining room
      they told us we had to move to the bar as there was
      supposed to be some big group coming in (only 6 of
      us). The stench in the bar section was so bad that it
      made several of us nausous and we got up and just
      left. Now I understand what happened...

      --- "Dicarlo, Gino" <Gino.Dicarlo@...> wrote:

      > OK, that decides it! Russo's is out!!!! If
      > Hillary's been there it's
      > tainted!!!
      > Actually, I wasn't thinking of a place to watch
      > trains, but a place to
      > talk
      > the FJ&G and have a slide show. I'm not sure
      > Russo's is open to
      > railroad
      > slide presentations...
      > Gino
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      > Subject: [FJGRailroad] I Vote Russo's
      > Also, for those of you of either political
      > persuasion, or those
      > of you in the middle and a little confused, Russo's
      > is on Hillary's list
      > of must stop for lunch locations on the NY campaign
      > trail.
      > Regards,
      > Saul

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