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Re: [FJGRailroad] High Bridge Owner/Shermans Live Steam

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  • Charles Vosburgh
    Malcolm; My mothers family, Bill Abrams, her grandfather, owned and operated the carousel at Piseco. I m going to call his son, Bill Jr. later today to see
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 30, 2006
      Malcolm;  My mothers family, Bill Abrams, her grandfather,  owned and operated the carousel at Piseco.  I'm going to call his son, Bill Jr. later today to see if he has any more information on it.  I know it was left to him when his father died.  There is a aerial photo of it in 1931 in the book,Sesquicentennial of the Town of Arietta.  Mom was born in 1927 in Piseco so she remembers it.   Charlie
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      Cudmore must have been confused between Sherman's and Sacandaga Park. Sherman's never had a live steam operation. Sherman's did have a carousel, a whip, a Ferris Wheel and bumper cars plus a penny arcade.
      On a similar subject, the old carousel from Sacandaga Park was operated later at Piseco Lake all by itself. It had the same steam propulsion system that it had used at Sacandaga Park. There was a separate shed with the boiler. Steam was piped into the center of the carousel. One steam engine ran the carousel and a smaller one ran the band-organ. The carousel was later purchased by the Shelburne Museum, in Vermont, and the horses were fully restored and toured the country because of their artistic value. I don't believe the carousel has ever been operated at Shelburne. The horses didn't go up and down as the carousel turned, as they did in later machines. They were solidly attached to the floor of the carousel.
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      Subject: [FJGRailroad] High Bridge Owner/Shermans Live Steam

      Montgomery County Heritage Day was today at the old courthouse in
      Fonda.  I spent a couple hours yesterday putting up most of the FJ&G
      display from the fair.  Among other questions that I couldn't answer
      today was "Who now owns the High Bridge?"  I figure someone out there
      in the group has this information.

      And on a different subject, Bob Cudmore's column in the Gazette today
      includes some recollections of Sherman's Park dating back to the mid-
      40's.  Quoting a reader's letter the column states: "Now to the point
      of Sherman's amusement park.  It had the traditional small carousel, a
      small ferries wheel, a few other rides, various food vendors and a LIVE
      STEAM park-type railroad which made a couple of loops around a small
      cove and a trestle over a portion of the water.  I would
      estimate the track gauge was about one foot."  My experience with
      Sherman's starts about 20 years later and I had never heard that they
      had a live steam train there.  Anyone else remember this?

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