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From the Archives Part 11

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Tonight s piece will be short. But I wanted to keep up the momentum. By the way the Pinewood derby went okay. The parent with the track had to work so we
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      Tonight's piece will be short. But I wanted to keep up the momentum. By the
      way the Pinewood derby went okay. The parent with the track had to work so
      we improvised a Bush series race. The real Nextel will occur in two

      Okay so From the Archives, that regular as a way-frieght on a once-a-week
      branch line feature that makes em ask, where did he get that?

      okay we managed to drop a carraige on the frog and man was the chief angry.
      Chained up we got in the clear someplace and then made the necessary
      repairs. The next day it was business as usual and we wound up in the
      Niagara Falls Yard. One of the things I had not talked about so far was a
      detail about the tie ups. You see not only did we prefer a tie up well away
      from the mainline (at least a horizontal telephone pole away) we put our
      own lock on the switchstand. This ensured that nobody put some piece of
      equipment down on top of us.

      Chronologically I am sure this is out of order and that it happened on the
      Hojack. But It came to mind so i will relate it now. Sometime in the first
      two weeks we had a conversation about torpedos. The operators and chief were
      surprised that I knew what they were. We had a chat about it and I remember
      saying that you should STOP if you hit a torpedo.

      So one morning it was a bit chilly and we were in the hole off the main on a
      little bit of a dip. I was up front and for once, everyone was up and on the
      ground. typically when we left the siding It was me and maybe one of the
      operators. Everyone else would be having coffee. Well as I ay we had ur own
      lock on the switch which we took with us. I opened the lock, with the
      permission of the railroad guy opened the switch, walked back to the car and
      waited for the signal to go. Beep Beep two to go. I pulled back on the
      reverser and then pulled back on the throttle. The Sperry Car began to move
      forward. In the early morning summer dew the car might slip especially going
      up hill. We went a hundered feet. Then three maybe four or even five Boom,
      Boom, Boom...............

      I threw the air on. When you are doing 50 or 60 and throw the air on it
      takes a while to stop. when you do it at 6 MPH the car stands on end
      instantly. Apparently people went flying. So much for funny.

      Anyway we arrived at Niagara Falls and I dropped off the car by the yard
      office. I had not called home since Syracuse and thought it might be a good
      idea to call home. After all they were my parents and they had no idea where
      I was.

      I walked into the Yard office a long cinder block building. there were many
      clerks doing things that today could be accomplished by one person with a
      card reader.

      'Say Pal " I said to the first person I saw, "Do you have a Bell phone?" I

      "Where did you get that shirt?" Denmanded the tall lanky fellow in fronty of
      me. I was wearing an Ossining High School Football Jersey.

      "Whaddaya mean?" I asked.

      "Where did you get that shirt?"

      "Well I went to High School in Ossining" I replied still a bit puzzled.

      "Well do you know any of the Timmons ?" He asked.

      'Well I know Jet Timmons" I replied.

      "Thats My Brother!" he exclaimed.

      You never know who you are talking to.

      we had a nice chat and and I was given Carte Blanche to use the Bell

      and that is it fot this ediition of From The Archives

      What's in your Archives ?
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