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FW: SRS from another perspective

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    I am becoming a clearing house of sorts, a role I am happy to play. With Vic s permission here another Sperry story..............
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2006
      I am becoming a clearing house of sorts, a role I am happy to play. With
      Vic's permission here another Sperry story..............

      >From: "vic" <vic@...>
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      >To: "joseph Klapkowski" <riverlinejoe@...>
      >Subject: SRS from another perspective
      >Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 19:58:05 EST
      >This happened around 1979-80, when I was a [train order] train dispatcher
      >on the Rock Island and an SRS
      >car was parked in front of the station in Des Moines for a couple of days
      >(and nights) waiting to go south
      >over the Short Line (now UP Spine Line) toward Kansas City. Unfortunately,
      >there was a major derailment
      >being clean-up, about half way down the Short Line, so the SRS sat in Des
      >Moines for a few days.
      >Des Moines was on the Des Moines Division that basically, for all intents
      >and purposes extended N to the
      >Twin Cities, W all the way into Colorado, and S to the first siding S of
      >Des Moines, at Carlisle. From Carlisle
      >on south was the Missouri-Kansas Division, "Mo-Kan" to us.
      >One night I was working as Night Chief Dispr when the Des Moines Division
      >Divn Engr came into my office
      >and told me to get the Sperry ordered up for 0500 to go south. (I can't
      >remember the SRS car number, not
      >even any of those I later worked on.)
      >"Can't do that" I told him, "tracks' still impassible".
      >I don't care" he replied, "the derailments' not on this division it's on
      >the MoKan, so get the Sperry off of this
      >division so it's charged to the MoKan and not to my division." With that,
      >he disappeared.
      >A few minutes later the Des Moines Supt called me to give me a blast, "when
      >my Division Engineer tells you
      >to do something you do it and you don't give him any lip!" Carl, the Supt,
      >then hung-up before I had a
      >chance to, anything.
      >I was the East End Chief, basically Illinois Division, which division I was
      >always allowed to run as I saw fit
      >without any interference from anyone. Other than the Illinois Division,
      >the east end chief also had that part
      >of the Mo-Kan that was north of Kansas City. Des Moines Division came
      >under the West Chief sitting next
      >door to me. About my only Des Moines Division territory was those silly
      >8.9 miles from Des Moines south to
      >Carlisle. (What a place to put a divisional boundary.)
      >I sat back and thought about it... If the SRS goes south it'll be parked
      >on the main track in the middle of
      >nowhere, probably for days, without anything available to hook-up to within
      >miles in any direction, and be in
      >the way of our derailment clean-up efforts to boot. Here in Des Moines,
      >they're already hooked-up to
      >everything they need, they're downtown, nicely out of the way of all train
      >and yard movements, and their
      >crew has the big city to take-in and enjoy.
      >"Enough bull-shit" I told myself, as I looked up the home phone number of
      >system VP in Chicago, figuring if
      >I called anyone else it would only prolong the inevitable anyway and I WAS
      >NOT moving the Sperry car
      >anywhere. When I got him on the line I told him what was going on, told
      >him that I was defying the orders of
      >the local officials, explained why, and added that "my paychecks are like
      >yours, they say Chicago Rock
      >Island & Pacific Railroad on them without any mention of Des Moines
      >Division, so I look after the overall
      >effects on the company, even if it costs one division more than it should
      >when otherwise it would cost the
      >railroad a hell of a lot more on another division."
      >He agreed with everything I said, as usual, told me he'll straighten Carl
      >out, and told me just to "keep up
      >your usual good work!" I never heard another word from anyone about this
      >and the Sperry car stayed put
      >until the Short Line was passible again.
      >Wondered what would have happened if someone else was Chief Dispr instead
      >of me that night. Would
      >they have simply knuckled under and obeyed the first directive that came
      >along, considering it was from a
      >divisional official? Is that sort of thing the underlying cause of every
      >instance of stupidity on to-days
      >conglomorates like CSX and CP?
      >Next day when I came in to work I told the day chief about what happened
      >the night before. "Good job" he
      >told me, "that's exactly what I told them too. Didn't tell you about it
      >because I never thought they'd be so
      >bold as to try getting what they wanted thru you, after I already refused
      >them." Apparently, the call time of
      >0500 was intended to have the Sperry Car long gone off of the division
      >before anyone came to work in the
      >"morning" and managed to intercede.
      >Vic Polewsky
      >You have my permission Joe!
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